Best European sites for locating copies of out of print books
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Does anyone have recommendations for particularly effective search engines for European second-hand / out of print books? Back when I used to look for these books pre-google, there were a couple of specialist sites that consolidated searches across numerous second-hand booksellers' catalogues, but I've forgotten their names. Do these still exist and if so, are they any use?

I'm mainly looking for recommendations of sites people have found useful, say to find a German dissertation published by a small press in the 1980s, or an academic book published by a university press in France or Sweden - is there any better option for such a thing than plain old googling or the local amazon site (, etc)?
posted by ogorki to Shopping (7 answers total) 6 users marked this as a favorite offers a combined search across German, French, English (and more) secondhand book stores.
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You do know, right? It lets you search inventories of thousands of used book stores across Europe and order directly through their website. They seem to have everything, and you can also place a "wanted" ad.
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Vialibri, alibris are still active and well worth using. I bought a very rare volume from an Italian bookseller last year through vialibri that I could not find through any other source.
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For German language publications, try ZVAB.
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Nthing zvab
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This is one I always found useful when searching for customers' wants: Marelibri
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Response by poster: Thank you, all! It's terrific to have a comprehensive list of places to look again -- and interesting that the sites seem to be the same ones I vaguely remember from the mid 2000s (marelibri used to be called maremagnum, if I remember rightly?)
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