Need an electromagnetism physics textbook. Difficulty level: No calculus
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Please recommend an alegbra/trig-based physics textbook to supplement the free textbook used in my college physics class.

I'm taking the second course in a two-course introductory physics class, covering electricity and magnetism, plus some stuff on subatomic particles and light at the end. It's algebra-based, not calculus-based. (I think at most colleges, there are three levels of intro classes, roughly corresponding to Physics for Poets, Physics with Algebra, and Physics with Calculus. I am in Physics with Algebra.)

My course uses this OpenStax College Physics textbook. My professor suggested buying a workbook or test prep guide for AP Physics (Level B, maybe?), or any other algebra-based physics textbook/workbook with solutions, for extra practice problems, since the problems provided in the book are a touch below the level of difficulty than our actual class.

In addition, I find the Open Stax book to be more generally qualitative than is helpful, and something more focused on how to approach quantitative problems in a step by step way would be an added bonus. I'm willing to buy a textbook and a workbook if that's the best option.

Ideally, this would be something I can order on Amazon/Powell's/et al for under ~$50. I've searched myself, but I find it hard to judge based solely on the Amazon listings, so what I'm really hoping for is a recommendation from physics teachers!
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n.b. I have The Cartoon Guide to Physics. Thank you.
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I had good luck with the aptly named Physics by Walker. It doesn't include a solution guide but has a good set of example problems. Also check your memail.
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I'm a college physics professor who has taught at three different colleges. Two of them have used the algebra-based text by Giancoli to teach introductory physics at the level you're talking about. The third college didn't offer an algebra-based physics class, but used the calculus-based text by Giancoli instead.

The latest edition of either text is rather expensive (>$200), but you can pick up the older editions for much less (the link above is to the second most recent edition of the algebra-based text.)
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Thank you- both of those look pretty close to exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks again!
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