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Hope me; I made a thing that is Popular On The Internet, people are asking for prints/t-shirts, and I want to give to charity any money from selling such products. But WHICH CHARITY?

I made a "NASTY WOMAN" drawing and it got very Popular On Twitter™ and I've never received so many favs and emails and messages saying, "I WILL BUY THIS."

Cool, cool, it's 2016, there are services that will print t-shirts and make prints. I'm comfortable with that, but I'm not as comfortable pocketing all the money as I would be giving it to a charity. Specifically: I want to support education for girls and young women, including reproductive education and advocating for women's rights / equal rights etc.

A few minutes of browsing Charity Navigator led me to the National Women's Law Center. They're well-rated and seem to stand for all the right things.

Since this is Hillary-related, the Clinton Foundation would be an obvious go-to. And they're well-rated on Charity Navigator, too. I dunno, though, despite this being a Hillary Thing I have a nagging, hard-to-articulate feeling that I don't want the benefit to be so partisan, so clearly allied with the side. Maybe that's irrational. Plz advise.

Please give me your insight, MeFriends!
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Planned Parenthood!! The right-wingers in my life are still going hard on that "baby parts for profit" ish, and PP will be fighting those battles for a long time. And they do so much good.
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How about EMILY's List - it raises money to fund the campaigns of pro-choice Democratic women, encouraging the presence of more excellent, pro-choice women in politics.
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Planned Parenthood is good. I might also suggest Donors Choose, with either a project that specifically benefits girls/health education or something close to where you live that you can see yourself.

The Hunger Project looks like it's pretty women-centered. Speaking from experience with other groups, focusing on women in developing countries makes a huge impact because they are typically at the center of family and village life, so when you impact, say, a woman who would otherwise give her own medication to her child, she is able to have a major ripple effect.

How about V-Day – the Vagina Monologues folks?

Two other ideas that aren't girls/women focused but would be useful after the crap that has bubbled to the surface in this election cycle:
--The Equal Justice Initiative, run by Bryan Stevenson of Just Mercy fame. Four stars on Charity Navigator – it has a perfect score, actually.


--The Southern Center for Human Rights, which is run by my friend's sister and does awesome work!
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AAUW- American Assoc of University Women. They fund graduate scholars, worldwide but mostly US.

The Global Fund for Women advocates for gender equality and they also do on the ground work.

I'm a big supporter of PP too but there are other charities out there that fit your stated goals better and I think these are two large reputable ones with a good track record.
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I believe you can also go to MSF and specify the funds for one of their maternity hospitals, which really need it.
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I try to pick the smallest place I can find. Clinton Foundation doesn't need help raising money.

How about giving it to an organization that is working in a cause you agree with and that you feel is a hole in Hillary's platform? Say the Innocence Project for instance, or your local Legal Aid center.
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Let Girls Learn, which you may have seen mentioned on Carpool Karaoke, has two giving options: the Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn Fund and the Global Book Alliance. Hard to go wrong with either one.
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If you don't specifically want this to be USAcentric, I strongly suggest

It's an international organization that promotes donation of menstrual kits to allow girls to go to school during their periods. It's truly a woman-to-woman program, and makes a huge difference in girls' lives.

(Sorry, I never have any luck trying to type in a link, but take a look at their web site.)
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(please tell us when the shirt is available)
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Planned Parenthood is the obvious one. The Southern Poverty Law Center also does good and important work.
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There's always the Girl Scouts.
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Camfed supports education for poor girls in Africa. Since it costs about $1 a day to send a girl to school, even a small donation can make a big difference.

And they are associated (in some way - can't really figure out from that page) with the Clinton Foundation.
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That drawing rules, by the way
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Planned Parenthood is awesome and helps women stay nasty with mammograms and birth control.
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I'd donate to a rape relief organization or women's shelter.
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I saw this Nasty Woman tshirt this morning. Planned Parenthood seems to be the going thing.

Tempted to buy it. Ditto to let us know when yours is for sale.
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That drawing rules, by the way
OP can't self-link, but I'm curious to see it... can you share?

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guessing it's this print.
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Planned Parenthood is really wonderful. In the repro rights space, I also like and have donated to If/When/How (formerly Law Students for Reproductive Justice) and Medical Students for Choice.
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Here they all are in their gloriousness!

T-shirts (on light shirts):
T-shirts (on dark shirts):
Prints (fancy colour version):
Prints (OG ink version):

I ordered shirts and the black and white prints. Thanks and nice choice supporting Planned Parenthood!!
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I just ordered mine! I can't wait to eat tacos in my nasty woman shirt on Election Day!
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