The Great Apple Cake Off
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Give me you best apple cake recipes! My boyfriend just got a job, we are going apple picking Saturday, and I want to make him a cake to celebrate. I plan to make this a round layer cake, with pipeable frosting for decoration, so recipes simple and fancy - send them my way! The only requirement is that they must be delicious and use apples.
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Best answer: I realize that you said layer cake, but apple dapple cake is a long-standing (delicious) tradition in my in-laws' family.
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Apple clafoutis; more of a custard than a cake, but delicious and simpler than most cakes. (On review: sorry, not layerable; save your extra apples for this one!)
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The grandmothers of Sils apple cake on smitten kitchen is super awesome. And there are 10,000 other cake recipes on that site. All I've tried are great
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I was going to recommend this cake made with apples instead of plums, which I have done. I make the caramel in a cast iron pan and then just put the fruit and then the batter right in it. I also put interesting spices in the batter (I like using Chinese 5spice powder) and sometimes nuts and/or candied ginger.

But none of this really goes with layer cake and piped frosting - to me, those don't really say Apple Cake to me. But who knows.
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Best answer: This is the best apple cake I have ever had. (Tip: swap out half the sugar with dark brown sugar.) It's so goddamn good. I think I'll make one this weekend! No layers or frosting necessary.
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Response by poster: I realize "apple layer cake" is not the first thing that comes to mind...

I'm thinking I can take the best-sounding apple cake recipe (thanks for the ideas!), bake it in thin layers, and then add apple curd between the layers, and cinnamon or caramel frosting (and probably split this into 2 batched to dye one red for the decorations).
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Another vote for Aquifer's cake from Smitten Kitchen! My mom also baked the same cake and made me a whole one when I got in a minor car accident but was upset because it was my fault. I have made it with gala apples and granny smith, and it is delicious with both. I like it because it is like 3 textures from the same cake--soft, moist cake, pie-like soft apples, and the crunchy top of the cake.
Icing is definitely not needed.
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An alternative, is to cook the apples down into apple butter (literally just chop apples and cook for about 5+ hrs on low) and use that as the filling in any cake of your choice. Goes really well with a gingerbread cake.

(my family has a tradition of using apple butter as filing in proper iced cakes instead of extra frosting)
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OP, the chunky apple cake recipes like Apple Dapple and Apple Hill (my personal favorite) do not take well to baking in layers. They are too chunky and moist (that is their beauty.) If you want to make something fancier looking I'd make one of them in a fancy bundt pan and pour a lovely glaze on it so it looks like a giant apple fritter, rather than attempt to bake them in layers. If you are excited about that curd recipe, I'd make it and serve it on the side of each slice rather than as a filling. (Those cakes are heavy with the moisture from the apples - they will squish a curd layer right out.)
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I make this one all the time and it's sooo good.
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I was at a party last weekend and someone brought Babette's Apple Cake. It was INCREDIBLE.
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This Lumberjack cake has gone over really well every time I've made it.
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"Vintage" Apple Cake
2-5 apples. 2 usually does the trick for standard medium-large apples
2 eggs
1 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp cinnamon
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup neutral oil
1 cup slivered almonds

2 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp table salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix wet ingredients, then add dry. Bake
in a 9" round baking dish for one hour.
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