Barely remembered quote about talkative women and romantic relationships
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Sometime in the past year or so I read, either online or in print, something relating to compatibility and fulfillment in (hetero) relationships where the woman is one who has a fast paced brain and needs to talk and needs to be with a man who will listen and take that all in order for her to feel fulfilled in the relationship. Did you read this, too?

It was discussed as advice given from the point of view of the female author, along the lines of 'if you are a woman who needs to talk, don't try to be with a man who doesn't like that. I did but then I met my now husband and he can take it and he's great'. I believe there was also some sort of poetic reference to sharp knives as a metaphor for a sharp mind and how the partner needs to be ok with that.
Something in my brain wants this to be from Caitlin Moran but my googling of these bare bones clues turns up nothing.
If this sounds familiar to you please help me not go crazy trying to remember. Thanks!
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Best answer: This Dear Polly?

"And then there are smart women with lots to say who are also very sensitive and weird and analytical and incredibly talkative, who ALSO listen very closely. These women are often labeled “a little too intense.” We think way too much, and slice and dice everything under the sun like a Ginsu knife that’s been sharpened one too many times and is now capable of cutting a watermelon in half like it’s made of crepe paper.

And while it’s true that no one REALLY needs a knife that sharp, there we are, the sharpest fucking knives in the motherfucking drawer. I’m not saying we’re geniuses, ok? We’re just sharp sharp sharp and we want to cut and cut and cut until there’s nothing left to cut. We do shut up sometimes. Sometimes we’re downright quiet, and you can’t get us to talk even if you try. But every now and then, we want to bring up tough, tangled, difficult situations and memories and experiences, and we want to slice and dice that shit up and shine a light on this or that and dig deeper and wonder and ponder and maybe even cry some tears over some dusty old loss or some injury or even something bad that happened to someone else."
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Damn. That article is EVERYTHING. Yaaaasss.
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Response by poster: theseldomseenkid I could kiss you that was exactly it!! Thank you!!!!
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Aww man, that article, it's great. It's such a liberating opposite of my self-excusing worst inclinations. Thanks for re-sharing this!!
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This column just broke my heart in the best way. Thanks for sharing this. I just posted it with a note to my women friends who see that I'm a sharp knife and I always will be.
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