Is there more than monochromatic minimalism?
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Hey clothes-loving folks! I've been reading about capsule wardrobes, paring down clothing, and other minimalism-type posts My question is- does anyone know of a good post on capsule wardrobes/minimalism that has color in it? Something along the lines of "hey, I'm a minimalist and I love color, here's how that works"

The ones I'm finding generally look like this:

Which is great! lots of intriguing brands to check out...

... it's also almost totally devoid of color.

I have seen an idea repeated in minimalist posts where use of color is restricted to accessories like jewelry/scarves. I'm not looking for that, rather I'm looking for someone who is both a minimalist (owning few things, thinking deeply about purchases and decisions) and uses color in a bold way (those few things include fire-red pants, a sapphire-blue sweater, and other gorgeous pieces)

I don't believe that loving color and being a minimalist is an either/or situation. Someone has to be doing this :) Any clues?
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Pinterest will have lots of stuff.
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/r/femalefashionadvice loves capsule wardrobes and I know I have seen posts there looking for pointers to capsule wardrobe advice with more colour.
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Best answer: How about these? They have a lot of neutrals the way you'd expect from a "minimalist" wardrobe, but some good use of color beyond just accents.
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I agree to look up /r/femalefashionadvice and I would add that you search for their 30x30 challenges.
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Best answer: Fire-red pants, you say?

Imogen Lamport also comes to mind. I don't think she's a minimalist overall, but she loves talking about capsule wardrobes, and she really loves color. In this post she describes a method for building a small capsule (10-15 items) using the blueprint of 2 neutrals + 3 colors.

Putting Me Together makes an interesting argument about color actually introducing more versatility--the post goes into some detail and may be helpful in thinking about wardrobe building.

And this last one may sound odd but Redbook magazine also does (or at least did) a feature every month where they would start with a half dozen or so neutral basics that most people already have, then add on another handful of more colorful and seasonal clothes, and show a month's worth of different outfit combinations from those pieces.
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Best answer: YouLookFab has a fabulous colourful wardrobe and puts together capsules for herself and others that often involve interesting silhouettes. And she has a guide for "mix and match capsules".

Some examples based on J. Crew, for citron pants, colourful business casual, and a travel capsule with orange and citron.

(One of her regulars has some ideas for tomato red pants)
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I think colors are less common because most people don't want it to be obvious that they wear the same items frequently, and neutrals are less noticeable. If you don't care about that, go wild! But if you do care, you might want to go for more neutral bottoms and have a larger number of colorful tops, ideally with color values that allow them to be layered together for more variety.
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My thought is that for a capsule wardrobe to work you have to be willing to wear every top with every bottom. You can wear a brightly colored shirt with a different brightly colored skirt and a different brightly colored jacket, but its going to be a lot more work to buy combinations that you like and still use all of your clothes frequently. And you'd probably stand out in a crowd. If you limit yourself to non-neutral tops or non-neutral bottoms only, it would be easier (ie use those bright red pants, but have only tops in navy and white). The original Color Me Beautiful book had "Survial Wardrobe" suggestions, which included a skirt suit in a neutral, a pair of pants in another neutral that would also work with the suit jacket, a blouse in a print combining them, and a couple more colored tops and dresses. The book does not shy away from colors, but for a tiny wardrobe some neutrals seem to help.
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you might like into mind.

"how to choose a color palette for your wardrobe"

the site lays out a whole method for thinking about and designing a capsule wardrobe and pays a lot of attention to color and defining a personal style.
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