The Theme is Book Titles and We Need Costumes
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We are me (early 20s, female) and my live-in babe (late 20s, male). The party theme is Book Titles.

Here's what we're looking for:
-fits the theme
-easy to understand
-preferably a couple's costume, but care more about being identifiable
-fairly easy to put together (I'm medium-low crafty and can sew/glue/tape well enough to make a costume that would last through the night. We are medium-high lazy.)

We don't particularly care about the genre, target audience, or whether we've read the book before. We also don't care about the costume fitting our genders. We would be willing to go as two separate book titles if we can't find a couple's idea we love.

Thanks for your creative braaaains!
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Easy option: The Color Purple.
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Phantom Tollbooth: one of you does the phantom of the opera cape and mask, the other wears the dayglo orange and yellow tollbooth operator vest and carries a bunch of rolls of change (or the empty wrappers stuffed with cotton balls to make them light).

The Princess Bride: this one's obvious, one of you is a princess and the other a bride.

The Once and Future King: one of you is classic King Arthur, the other is awesome Future Space King Arthur with a blaster labeled "Excalibur" and a space/motorcycle helmet with a crown on top
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David Sedaris has a book called Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, so both of you could dress in head to toe in each.

Actually this thought made me look at his other book titles, and Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk could be really cute!
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The Girl on the Train. You smear your mascara and carry a bottle of gin, your partner fashions a train costume from a cardboard box or wears a Thomas the Train sweatshirt or a Train concert tshirt.
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One of you dresses as a huckleberry, the other as a (shark?) fin.
One of you dresses as a full-on baseball catcher, the other as rye bread (or whiskey!).
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One of you dress - for example - as the Statue of Liberty, one as the Eiffel Tower: A Tale of Two Cities. (Adjust city costume as desired to fit skill/laziness levels.)
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War and Peace? A soldier and a 60's style hippie?

Crime and Punishment. You can decide the crime and pretty simply you could do a foam "Stocks".
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The Old Man and the Sea?
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And if you get really stuck get a couple name tags and just write Absalom on each.
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To Kill a Mockingbird. One of you goes as a bird, the other carries a bottle of tequila.
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Your classic bunch of grapes made of balloons costume could really easily become "The Grapes of Wrath" if you draw angry faces on them with sharpie. You could both go as that, or maybe you as Grapes and then whoever comes across as "Man" could carry around a small stuffed mouse and a Ken doll and be Of Mice and Men and you'd be a pair of Steinbeck books.
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Similarly, one of you could glue some pieces of cardboard to your shoes and paint them black with yellow stripes and be "On the Road" and the other could carry a bindle and a copy of "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind" or somesuch and be "The Dharma Bums".

If you're both supposed to be by the same author, I feel that opens you up to slightly more obscure books that people might not recognize on their own but would get immediately in connection to the more well-known work.
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Green Eggs and Ham?

The Sound and the Fury?

Frog And Toad Are Friends?
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couple's idea

Pride (gay flag, etc) and Prejudice (confederate flag, etc)
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One of you wears a name tag that reads, "American Beauty," and the other wears one that reads, "Damask." You're The Name of the Rose.
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Can you come up with 50 items of clothing between you, in different shades of gray?
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Oh, ha: Dress normally. One of you can spend the whole night shouting, and the other one spends every conversation right up in people's faces or lingering very near people.

You can be Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
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(It would be fewer items of clothing if you had, say, a striped shirt into different tones. You could layer scarves, and shirts, load up on costume jewelry and accessories, wear mismate socks, gray eyeshadow, etc.)
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"Here are the grapes, and here's the wrath!" Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The Master and Margarita. Moby Dick.

Oh oh oh! Naked Lunch! Half your work is done.
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Pride (gay flag, etc) and Prejudice (confederate flag, etc)

This idea kept to mind immediately, but Love and Freindship might be the less fraught Austen. Heck, you could just write Love and Freindship on two sweatshirts, maybe with a [sic] after the latter. The one with that sweatshirt could assert that they have a sic sense of humor.
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If you want a really easy to do costume, get a paint marker from a craft store and make one shirt with a big "19" and the other a "84", then stand next to each other.
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One wears a t-shirt with symbols from the periodic table of elements. The other dresses up really, really fancy. You're The Elements of Style.
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If one of you owns something in camouflage, the other can dress as a hippie and you can be War & Peace?
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An old college boyfriend and I once went out dressed as "Man and Superman." He dressed in the familiar superhero costume, while I (female) dressed in a men's suit and embraced my butch side. Nobody got it--everyone thought we were Superman and Clark Kent--but we felt insufferably clever about ourselves all evening.

We also thought that a guy in a leather dom outfit drinking a margarita would be absolutely hilarious to fans of Russian literature.

I'm not actually sure if these are useful suggestions or cautionary tales.
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A Christmas Carol? One of you could go dressed with Christmas stuff/colors on, the other somehow dressed up with music? Or a music printed shirt?

Or, A Clockwork Orange? The hardest part is the "clockwork" costume. The other person just wears a bunch of orange.

Sounds like a fun party!
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Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Old man and the "C"

Do Androids dream of Electric sheep. Person dressed like robot ,other person dressed in sheep costume with battery christmas lights draped on them.

Treasure Island.

Peter Pan.

Much Ado About Nothing (this might be more of a performance piece)

Taming of the shrew. Lion tamer, mouse costume.

The invisible man (more of a solo project)

Death of a Salesman. Death and a salesman

The prince and the Pauper.

The Horse and his Boy (narnia)

The Arabian Knights. knights costumes mixed with arabian wear, people might just think you are medieval turks though.

Hard Times. Good but not family friendly one person dressed as a rolled up news paper with "the times" on it you can improvise the other costume with appropriate adult toy.

The Book Thief.

Interview with a Vampire. News reporter with notepad and a vampire.
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dress as uncle sam and zeus, and be American Gods
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Dress up as Trump, add a ā€¯hello my name is" sticker and write in "Pride and prejudice".
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You could both carry or wear bells. If anybody asks whom the bell tolls for, tell them "for thee".
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A Clockwork (&) Orange
The Catcher (in the) Rye
Zen (& the Art of) Motorcycle Maintenance
Atlas / Shrugged
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