Flu Shot Yes or No?
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I am recovering from a bout of diverticulitis. I completed a ten day course of antibiotics (cipro and flagyl for seven days and then moxifloxacin for three days after an allergic reaction to the flagyl developed) two days ago. Can I get a flu shot now or should I wait?

Is there anything that counsels against getting a flu shot now? I'm still a bit twingey but largely on the mend. No fever (though I always present atypically and never had one even at the height of the infection). Still having fairly loose bowel movements, but I also have been on a low residue diet where eating some plain lo mein was living on the edge. I'd really like to get a flu shot ASAP as my local pharmacy is running a clinic right now and flu has already reared its ugly head in my office as of yesterday, but if there is some reason to wait, I will. I did some Googling but all I'm seeing are anti-vaccination whacko conspiracy theories about flu shots causing diverticulitis by putting toxins in the intestines. Yes, I'm sure. Bulletproof reasoning.

It seems fine to get shot, but want to make sure I'm not missing something obvious. (I'd ask my doctor, but a) it is the weekend and b) she's on vacation all next week, so I figured I'd add to AskMe bingo with a medical question. YANMD.)
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This is one of those really excellent times to speak with a pharmacist.
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Definitely confer with the pharmacist. They have to have a real one on duty all the time to ask questions of, at least in my state.
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I'm a pharmacist! Go get the flu shot. It will be a pharmacist who gives you the shot and they ask some standard questions beforehand. They won't give it to you if it's contraindicated, and it doesn't sound like there is any reason you shouldn't have it.
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