Easiest way to turn a HTML+JavaScript page into an android App?
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I have a working HTML + JavaScript webpage. I need to have it run on a tablet with no web/net access. What's the easiest / best / most stable / best looking way to do this?

I've thought about loading it as plain HTML into the tablet's file system and opening it in a browser on the tablet, but have run into some fullscreen-related limitations.
It shouldn't look as though it was just a webpage, it should look like an App (whether or not it is one).
I'm looking for something dead simple I could have running in a few hours.
I don't care about any 'native' functionality: camera, address book, compass, etc. The webpage works the way it is, I just need it to do so on a tablet.
This needs to run on a single tablet I have access to, so I don't need to go through any app/play store.
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Best answer: Cordova is the most popular way to take an HTML+JS app and turn it into a phone app. PhoneGap, a commercial product that Cordova was forked from, has a cloud version called PhoneGap Build where you just upload your assets and it makes an app for you, and is free for 1 app.
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Depending on the version of android/google services you're targeting you can use the html5 app cache (deprecated) or service workers (the new, beta, hotness) to cache your assets. Then the chrome hamburger menu has an option "Add to Home Screen".

Pages implementing cacheing as described above and 'saved' to the home screen will look and act a lot like a web view wrapped native app. A lack of chrome and no networking required.
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Response by poster: I don't know that I'm targeting any version of android/google services. I have a page. I need it to be on a tablet. Why do I need to cache my assets?
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The application cache system combined with a basic manifest.json file for "Add to Homescreen" functionality should get you the result you're looking for.
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Response by poster: How is the application cache system better than simply putting the relevant files on the tablet?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. I ended up using the online PhoneGap Build, which is dead simple.
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