Which fascist leader threatened to punch the opposition?
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Well hello! Recent political developments have reminded me of a half-remembered story from the rise of fascism in Europe (at least, I think it was Europe?). A fascist political leader was being interviewed by a journalist, who asked how he would deal with the opposition. He jovially replied something like "We will punch them in the nose!" or "We will break the faces of the opposition!" or some such thing to that effect. It feels a bit Mussolini-esque to me, but hell, it might even be from a post-WWII noneuropean authoritarian regime. Does this ring any bells for anyone?
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Greek New Dawn's Ilias Kasidiaris sues women over TV row (June 2012)?
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Frank Rizzo?
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i know this is not helpful but it just made me think of steven crowder getting punched by that old union guy, which really cheered me up on a dreary rainy day, so thank you
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