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Almost done with pregnancy, so now I am looking to replace some of the pregnancy blogs I read with blogs about caring for a baby!

Baby is due in two weeks. I have been enjoying the pregnancy calendar at Alpha Mom, and the blog posts at Baby Chick. But with baby's imminent arrival I need more. Things which interest me or do not interest me:

- I like group blogs because there is a range of voices and some of the content will always fit. Alpha Mom has enough variety of stuff which is relevant right now and stuff which may be relevant later.

- I like a more practical take on things. Alpha Mom went through what they usually ask you to bring to the hospital, for example, and highlighted whether she agreed or disagreed with the suggestion. Baby Chick had a useful post on what happens after the baby is born in the first few hours, like hour 1 they do this, hour 2 they do this.

- I like to read about different products, to an extent---like, 'things to do with a nursing pillow' is useful, and a personal account of what they used. But I am not interested in a blog full of product shills and sponsored content. I found one in a Google search where almost every post was sponsored by somebody and that was a huge turnoff.

- I'm a teacher so the developmental stuff interests me. For example, a blog post on Baby Chick talked about one of the goals at three months being to get them to turn their head, and has ideas for little games you can try to do this. I'm not going to run science experiments on my baby, but I'd like more of that sort of thing.

- We are not 'crunchy granola' people. We will vaccinate. We will use commercially made diapers. I'm not interested in 'natural' childbirth or homeschooling or anything like that. I'm not especially crafty either and have no interest in DIYing stuff like toys or Halloween costumes or things which involve a link to a Pinterest board.

So, the tl;dr version: sane, sensible, practical, advice-bases baby blogs for a new mom. Suggestions?
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Well, the podcast One Bad Mother is great, but don't start listening until after the baby arrives. I'm not sure you'll have time for a lot of blogs, but I also haven't really found any that stuck with me.
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HelloBee may be what you're looking for.
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Facebook group called mamaspace is a great resource. I ask questions on there all the time.
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Alphamom has stuff for older kids as well.
The archives of ask moxie
Precious little sleep
Science of mom
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I always reccoment this big paperback book, or a hard copy, of DR. T. Berry Brazelton's the first two years. He breaks normal development down month by month. It was so great, and one of the only things that could soothe my anxieties about my little ones. He was a Pediatrician, and this is a great book just to have around. i would read the month at the start of each month.
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Congratulations on your pregnancy and soon-to-be baby!

I'm a huge blog reader and a recent mom (four months - so much easier than the fourth trimester!), so here are the blogs/communities I'd recommend:
Altdotlife forums - an almost dead forum that nonetheless has a huge number of well-organized threads on every parenting topic under the sun.
One Bad Mother facebook group - a lot of parenting support happens on FB nowadays. The One Bad Mother podcast is awesome, but the fb group is even more awesome. There are a lot of sub-OBM groups that focus on a specific topic (exercise, food, babies, older kids, etc.). Everyone there is awesome, and the moderators don't allow any shaming/judging - the attitude is always "Great that that [blank] is working for you! Not for me!" or "I did that too, and here's how it worked for me!"
Hello Bee - a group blog of moms of all different stripes. All sorts of content and perspectives.
How we Montessori - obviously very Montessori focused, but even if you don't lean that way, there's some great advice and suggestions of activities.
Fatherly - a group blog aimed at dads, but with good material for any parent.
Grounded Parents - atheist-y, scientist-y, feminist-y group blog
Janet Landsbury - one of the leaders of "gentle parenting"/RIE. Generally good advice on how to develop a peaceful relationship with you kid, but not really crunchy per se.
Parent Co - aggregator of various stories/perspectives from parents
Cup Of Jo - mom blogger in NYC. I love her, and her series on parenting around the world
Relentless Laundry - a mom in the trenches telling how it is. Funny.
Coffee and Crumbs - a collaborative blog on motherhood. More literary-ish
Corporatte Moms - mostly highlighting things you can buy to wear to the office as a mom (or for your kiddo), but also has a good community in the comments and has occasional posts on different parenting dilemmas.
NYTimes Family section - a few articles a week on issues related to families or opinion pieces.
Scary Mommy - group site that's not afraid to swear or get into the icky stuff of parenthood.
Science of Mom - not really updating any more, but great archives
The Ugly Volvo - comedian writes about motherhood
Mimi Smartypants - not JUST about being a mother, but lots of funny content that includes sketching out a beautiful relationship between this mom and her tween
Reading My Tea Leaves - focus on minimalist parenting (e.g. you don't need GOBS of stuff), a bit crunchy, but not too bad.

Mostly, though, I recommend One Bad Mother. It's a solid community. Hello Bee is probably the closest you're looking for in terms of blogs. Oh, and sign up for weekly emails based on due date from Lucie's List, Motherly, and even websites like What to Expect. I'm generally not a fan of newsletters in my email, but it's actually REALLY nice to get an article about, say, the four month sleep regression or peak fussiness at 6 - 8 weeks just as it's happening/about to happen.

Congratulations again!
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Renegade Mothering is hilarious and down to earth.
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Probably won't solve everything, but if your city has a local parenting blog, it can be helpful to follow that.

I write for the New Orleans site in the City Mom Blogs network, for instance. You can find links to all of the "city" sites on the CMBN site.
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Seconding Janet Lansbury.
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