Looking for an Android inventory app with QR code image retrieval
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I am looking for an Android app which will allow me to scan a QR code (which the app may provide or have me generate my own) that is affixed to the outside of a physical box, then take a picture of the contents of said box. I can then put the boxes into storage/move them to new house/etc. When I desire, I fire up the app, scan the QR code on the box and can now see what is contained inside the box.

I have found a few abandoned projects in the app store along these lines, but none that do these exact functions.


- allow picture of box contents
- associate that picture with a QR/bar code
- allow retrieving of picture by re-scanning code


- tag boxes with names
- allow text entry of box contents
- allow text search of box contents
- assign current location to box
- assign destination location to box
- cloud storage of photos
- customize QR code label generation/printing (with above information)

Is this a thing that exists? There is a State Farm Moving Tools app which apparently only works on Android tablets. I need this to work on my phone (Samsung GS6).

If there is a way to get this functionality through some workflow using existing tools, I would be open to that as well. For example: a way to tag a photo in some cloud service (Google Photos, Evernote, etc) with a QR code, and then allow looking up by that tag.
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You probably want some kind of inventory management app. Googling that came up with this that looks like it hits the musts.

Creating your own barcode is tricky, you can easily roll your own (look up zebra crossing/zxlib).

(unrelated note: I at one time worked on a project that did all you wanted, and then some, but was private/gov't app that was defunded. It's definitely a need that's out there.)
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You can set up QR codes to point to links online, so you could perhaps use a drop box to store the photo, use a qrcode website to point to the photo, print and put on the box, read with a qr reader app.

So yes possible with existing tools, not wrapped up in one app though.
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