Danish Design and Culture - Highlights for a 4 day trip to Copenhagen?
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What are your best, specific recommendations for great food, design, and local culture highlights in Copenhagen for 3-4 adults and 2 18-month olds?

We will be in Copenhagen next weekend to visit two dear friends of ours and their twin 18-month old toddlers.

What are your best, specific, recommendations for great food, design, and local culture highlights in Copenhagen for 2-4 adults and 2 18-month olds? What great design stores and hip boutiques should I try to be cool enough for? Great, casual bars and eateries? What cool things will be happening next weekend (October 20-23?)

Our friends have lived in Copenhagen for a year and have seen all the touristic highlights when other friends and family members have visited, so off-the-beaten path suggestions are especially welcome. I'm well-traveled in Western Europe, and so am relatively indifferent to castles, palaces, etc. I've reviewed the previous relevant threads, but I'm sure there are a bunch of new things since the most recent question about a year ago.

We're going to try to go to the Louisiana Art Museum, and have date night reservations at 109 (Noma's more casual sibling) on Friday, and will go to the Torvehallerne, but need some more suggestions.

Bonus: where should we rent bikes? I really want to experience the biking Nirvana of Copenhagen. Thanks!
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Go to the Louisiana, it's totally quick and easy on the train. It was by far the highlight of my recent trip to Copenhagen. Try to go on a day when the weather will be nice because the grounds really are wonderful.

I really enjoyed the Cisterns. We went right when they opened in the morning and had them all to ourselves. Wonderful and slightly creepy. They're in a nice park with lots of people out and about exercising and walking dogs. Walking back toward the center of the city will take you through some trendy as well as some more normal-seeming neighborhoods. Plus, it's right by the zoo if that's a plus for the kids.

We also went to the Assistens cemetery (which was a gorgeous place to walk around) and Superkilen park (not as thrilling as the photos will make you think, but cool to see if you have any interest in public spaces/design & probably fun to go on the slides for the kids). Jaegersborggade is near the cemetery and is full of impossibly hip stores, including a really great jewelry store (Ladyfingers), and coffee places.

Go to Copenhagen Street Food to eat, it's so crowded but has some great options and nice outdoor space. If you're lucky, you may get to see the pedestrian bridges nearby raised to let boats through, which I bet would be a highlight for the kids (also for my husband). I also loved Kokkeriet, but it sounds like you're set for fancy nordic food already.
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Copenhagen Street Food. It's a big warehouse full of food trucks, has a great atmosphere, and is popular with locals and tourists for good reason. Copenhagen's food truck scene is strong anyway, and this is a good way to have lots to try in one place.
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if you go to 109 you'll be at the wrong address - you need to go to 108 ;)

Local culture-wise I could recommend taking a walk or bike ride on the Havnering, which is a new pathway that goes in a approx. 11 km ring on both sides of the harbor and you can see the whole transition from Kalvebodbrygge to Sydhavn to Islands Brygge and then Nyhavn.

if they haven't walked down Jægersborggade, then I can recommend that. Maybe to cold for Istid now, but Grød would be nice and yummy on a fall afternoon.

Also take a look at Papirøen where all the food trucks relocated to, also yummy to look around.

Have a great time.
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Louisiana, yes. The Design museum in Copenhagen yes - and lots of vintage design shops near the Design Museum - worth a look.
Hire a box bike - you can sit 2 children in the front (or as we did 1 adult and a child): We used baisikeli (they have a charitable scheme) it was a beat up Christianiacykler, but it rolled well and we loved it, and was some of the most fun cycling I ever had. ACE. Ride over the wiggly cycle bridge if you get a chance.

The parks are fab and have great playgrounds for the kiddies.
Find the ones near you, this playground was AMAZING: Skydebanen, Absalonsgade 12, 1658 København, Denmark

(Don't bother with Christiania, or the mermaid.)

Have a fab time.
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Nthing the Louisiana Museum, which is fantastic, and could easily be a full day; their lunch buffet is also very good.

There's a fairly hip-seeming street food market in Kodbyens (the meatpacking/warehouse district) on weekends - good food, music, very relaxed vibe. It's right next to Kodbyens Fiskebar which is delicious though a bit on the spendier side, and I can't speak to how toddler-friendly the food would be.

I also highly recommend Kebabistan (multiple locations - looks dive-y, but the shawarma is amazing), and breakfast at Kalaset.
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Probably a bit obvious, but the Danish Design Museum is neat. I liked the exhibits when I went, but I particularly thought there was some neat stuff in the gift shop.
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The final bridge in the Harbour Circle is being officially opened on Saturday. Facebook Event.

The bridge is a so-called Origami Bridge (Danish).

The route is 13km and would be a good way to spend a few hours biking. Papirøen/Copenhagen Street Food is on the route,
(I think it's an overpriced tourist hell, but each to their own). Right next to the hall with all the food trucks is Copenhagen Contemporary.

Enjoy the city...
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