Which down ballot Dem candidates should I donate to?
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I have some extra room in my budget and would like to support a Democratic candidate in a close race. To whom should I donate? Or is better to just donate more to Hillary's campaign?

I'm sure this info can likely be found in the election threads, but I don't have the mental energy to go through those right now, it has been a rough year.

Thank you for any advice you guys can give.
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Best answer: Act Blue has a good list of high impact races you can donate to here.
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Best answer: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. As many as nine Senate seats could be in play, but they only need six to take the Senate. Most of the vulnerable seats this year are occupied by Republicans elected during the 2010 Republican wave. There are a lot of very fragile seats available.
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Governor and Mayoral races...all this Trump nonsense is just a distraction from where the GOP is really focusing their attention. What do you think all that gerrymandering is for?
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Jason Kander in MO has a decent chance of knocking off Roy Blunt for the US Senate Seat. Even though MO is likely to end up as a Trump win, it has a long history of splitting ballots (i.e. went barely for Romney but elected Claire McCaskill).
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I just kicked in for Ismael Ahmed. His son asked, and Ismael seems to be doing the right things. Board of Ed is the kind of down ticket stuff that can make a difference.
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Best answer: DCCC/DSCC/ groups you might like like ActBlue (pro-dem) or Emily's List (pro D women). Let them worry about what exactly to do with it; they have data and strategists and so on.
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Agreed, give to one of the groups that can use its money in multiple races and is constantly monitoring the data to determine how best to use it. The situation is in such flux.
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Deborah Ross here in NC is in the closest of all of the Senate races, going by PEC's predictions (on the right side a bit down the page). The Koch brothers are pouring lots of money into the race because Richard Burr, the Republican incumbent, has surprisingly low interest from voters. Combine that with a pretty unpopular Republican governor up for re-election (and losing to the Democratic challenger) and the fact that Clinton has lead in North Carolina for most of the year (including now) and Ross' bid looks very promising. I've donated to her campaign twice and will do so again. Sanders has personally endorsed her, also, if that helps.
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DSCC and DCCC — the former if you're on the cautious side, the latter if you're on the optimistic side. Yay!!! Or just the Democratic Party.
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I saw this somewhere today: Competitive Congressional Districts Near You.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I wound up donating some to HFA and some to several competitive races via Act Blue. And now I am getting emails from all kinds of famous people wanting another few dollars from me! My inbox may never recover.
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