How do single folks in Auckland connect?
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Asking for female, cool, well traveled, worldly, well educated, very fit, pretty, 30-something professional who is looking to meet a similar fellow not in a bar scene, not on tinder etc...? are there better apps in NZ? unusual places or groups to meet good guys? Loves great foods, cooking, the restaurant scene in Aukland, is hilarious, and generally great all around but has hard time finding the right cool cat. Suggestions? Tips? Tricks? Auckland dating hacks?
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My Auckland-dwelling brother met and got to know his last girlfriend at his outdoor bootcamp-style fitness class. I've tagged along once or twice, the people who went were really fun and down to earth - I had no problem fitting in. Wide range of people, and on Sundays they sometimes go out for a coffee afterwards so there's time to socialise. Not sure how helpful this is, but might work as a last resort?
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FindSomeone is the default site for serious relationships in NZ, in the same way Trademe is the only site for buying and selling stuff. Tinder is for hook-ups only. I have six close friends who recently met their long-term partners or wives on FSO. I met my wife on FSO almost two years ago.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips - will pass them along
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