Uber deleted my account, now I can't get an account
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Uber deleted my account because the tech support staff didn't understand me. I have contacted tech support twice and each time got a reply that didn't didn't make sense. OK, I'll make a new account. Nope, "Phone number is unavailable for use." Now what do I do to re-activate my deleted account or set up a new account to my phone number? More inside.

Last week I used Uber in another state for rides. Since then I have been getting emails prompting me to finish my application to be a driver. Being a good citizen I wrote back and said, "I don't want to be a driver, I'm just a user. You can stop those emails."

Uber: "We have deleted your account. Have a nice day forwards."

Me" "NOOOO! Don't delete my account."

Uber: No reply. I checked and my account had been deleted

Contacted Uber Support about this problem.

Uber: "We can't find your account so we can't help you."

I tried to create a new account. Uber said, " Phone number is unavailable for use. Please contact support."

So far I've had two direct contacts with support and each time I've gotten a reply which is non-sensical and doesn't help. A reply to their reply goes unanswered.

So I can't get a new account because my phone number is unavailable and no one responds to my requests for real answer.

Uber only has overseas support from people who apparently don't read English well. There is no phone number I can find for Uber support and a web search on this issue turned up nothing useful.

Any suggestions?

1. Lyft is not an option because they aren't in my town.
2. I can't switch phone numbers because I have only one phone.
3. I'm going to draft a reply with an explanation, the only case number I maybe saw and send it to both reps and general Uber Support.

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My sister and I had an Uber account deleted because of a similar issue. Unfortunately the answer is to send emails in basic simple English, explain that there has been a mistake and hang in there. So basically

- you closed my account by accident, it's associated with phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX
- I need you to open my account again
- Let me know what needs to happen to make this work as soon as possible

This page has some suggestions for what your email could say which might help.
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Dealing with what should be a simple problem with a faceless corporation, and struggling to get through to someone who understands? Tweet at them. Almost always quicker.
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Response by poster: Thanks jessamyn, it's an honor to hear from you.

I did/will use basic simple English and only a few direct sentences about the problem. Your resources are great.

For the last 28 years my job has involved people asking me questions in person or on email about federal and state laws in a certain area. I have learned to be brief and to the point. Any answer I gave could end up in court so I'm really good at being short, focused, polite, true and direct.
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Get a google voice number. Use that only for Uber.
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I agree that you should try Twitter as well as Jessamyn's suggestion, making sure to @ mention them.
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Best answer: I think you can also sign up via the website with a Google Voice account (and a different email) and start using it (I just tried it, seemed to work). Pain in the ass, but will work in the short term.
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Response by poster: Thanks again jessamyn, et. el. but I'm trying to avoid anything that has me changing the phone number/account I already had. I don't do twitter or google voice, I want to stay with the easy thing of my phone number.

I did the online Uber help thing again and will wait for an answer. I don't expect that to help but also have the option to bring my problem to a US Senator. That probably sounds like BS but in Montana, our Senators are 2 degrees away and their staff will help.
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? Tweet at them. Almost always quicker.

Seconding this. I had an issue (which remains unsolved because the support people appear to be incompetent, as you have found) and I tweeted at them and they replied within 12 hours with a link to a direct contact form that I seemed to be unable to get to directly. Their support is pretty horrible. But tweeting got me a method of emailing with someone relatively quickly who at least seemed to get my issue, even if they then didn't fix it.
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Response by poster: Back in business with my previous account phone number and email. I did tweet and it seemed to have helped, though my tweet was never mentioned, all contact was by email. Lots of emails.

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