What is this T-34 part?
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A friend and I are putting together a model T-34/76 '43 model, and we're stumped as to what a particular part is supposed to be.

Link to picture: http://imgur.com/QXCDpg3

It's the thing made up of A's 20 and 28, under step <>>

Is it armor plating? Seats for tank desant?
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My model-builder husband says that they're tank tracks.
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I agree on the tank tracks, because I googled for T-34 tank tracks and got pictures of those model parts.
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They're grousers, for attaching to the tread plates to increase traction in mud.
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Sorry, I was looking at the ones attached on the side of the tank. They're pretty common on armor models.

A20-28 are tracks, yes.
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Best answer: They are track blocks. The "bump" in the middle of the individual track pieces are center guides that guide the track between pairs of road wheels. The ones that mount on the side of turret/hull are spares (because yes, breaking track is common).

I'm a 20 year M1 Tanker.
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