How should I set up my master bedroom/bonus room?
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I'm in search of layout/design advice on how to set up my new bedroom.

My new house has a small room off the master bedroom that I think was originally intended to be a nursery. I don't need it to function as a nursery (nor an office or guest bedroom), so I am thinking of setting it up as a dressing/sitting room. This feels like an opportunity to bring in creative/fun elements, but I am having trouble thinking of what I might include.

Some things to consider:
- Other than the bed, I have to accommodate a tall dresser, an armchair, and a short bookshelf in one or the other of these rooms.
- The small room has a rather large closet. I am thinking of making this my clothes closet.
- The small room has a small window and doesn't get much natural light. It has doors to both the bedroom and the hallway.

I like the idea of a reading nook and/or dressing room but other than that I have zero design creativity. Can you think of interesting elements (including specific types of furniture) to add? And what (of what I have + what you suggest) would you put in each room?

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Can you post a picture?
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Best answer: I just looked at pinterest and searched "cozy reading rooms". So many awesome rooms to inspire you. This seems like a job for pinterest!
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Response by poster: Ah, that's a good call, ReluctantViking--I never think of pinterest, and that's a good turn of phrase to start with.

It's hard to post a photo because it's a 9x9 square with the doors in opposite corners and I can't get a good angle. But: the south wall has a 6' closet and a 3' doorway to the master, the north wall has the window (2'), and the eastern wall has a 3' door to the hallway.
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Best answer: If logistically feasible, you might put the dresser in the closet, saving you floor space in the main rooms.

The armchair sounds like a natural fit for a reading and/or dressing room. You'll probably want it where you can fit a small table next to it.

For either a reading or dressing room, you're going to want good light. I'd start there in terms of thinking about situating things - where can you put a mirror to get good light (or would the best place in the room for a mirror need lights added somehow). Likewise for a reading chair - where can you put it and does it get good light.

Personally, for a dressing room, I'd want a full length mirror and a place to sit to do makeup, so I'd want to add a table or desk with wall or standing mirror (or vanity) and a stool or small chair.

If I had a dressing room, I'd definitely have my jewelry out - either on a wall-mounted display (Etsy has lots) or on shelves.
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Best answer: If you go the dressing room route, you can search for walk in closets and pull ideas from those into the room. That probably means considering
- A nice chair for sitting
- Floor length mirror
- Shelving for storing purses and other accessories
- Shoe storage
- Hamper
- Dresser

I like the look of this setup.
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One thing that occurs to me is that with "sleep hygiene" they talk about setting up your bedroom so that it's 100% devoted to sleep, to help give your brain a trigger to get into sleepy mode. So in addition to optimizing your "morning toilette" stuff, you also have an opportunity to optimize your sleep. Maybe it makes sense to make the smaller room your bedroom since it has less light, and less room to fill it up with stuff. If it's big enough for a bed, that is. Then you could put all the stuff you wanted in the larger room like a nice table, full length mirror, clothing racks, book shelves, nice chairs, etc. You could also do a coffee maker/mini fridge thing if you wanted to get really fancy.
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Most people seem to need, but not have, a space for clothes that aren't fresh-out-of-the-laundry clean, but still clean enough to wear again. So maybe figure that in.
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I agree with bleep about using the small dim room for sleeping only. I would totally ignore the door into the hallway (lock it; take the doorknob out) and thereby gain some more wallspace in the small room and make the two rooms into a suite.
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When I think dressing room, I think vanity, so a spot somewhere for a nice one, where you can store make-up, and display jewelry would be very lovely. It could also double as a little desk for setting up a tablet or a phone to stream music or shows while you're getting ready.
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