What's a good travel shoe for men?
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On my most recent trip, I slipped on some wet tiles in a bathroom and fell. I wasn't hurt but it could have ended my holiday and put me in hospital. (I barely missed hitting a steel plumbing fixture with my head). So I'm looking to replace my New Balance walking shoes with something more reliable.

Shoes which are:

1. Non-Slip. Won't kill me on wet tile, cobblestone, greasy diner floors, everything.
2. Comfortable, because I'll be walking all day.
3. Reasonably priced <$150.
4. I won't be mountain climbing in them, but I'd like to use them on easy hiking trails.
5. Will protect my feet physically - e.g. getting stepped on in a crowded bus etc (sandals are out).
6. Aren't going to smell bad after a hard day.
7. Durable.

I don't particularly care about stylishness, but if it looks good that's a bonus.
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Merrell's waterproof jungle moc, if your feet are slip-on friendly. (There's also a "wide" option for the non-waterproof jungle moc.) Renowned for comfort, burly enough for light hiking, built-in odor control.
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I also wear Merrells. Not the moc, I don't remember what exactly it's called, but it's a brown leather lace-up.
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Another vote for Merrell slip-ons. I'm on my third pair in 12 years and have used them for evrything you describe or want to avoid. They are my go-to shoes from October to April.
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I'd look for something with Vibram soles. You can either buy a new pair of shoes with Vibram shoes, or get a pair of shoes (generally leather shoes) resoles with Vibram soles. The latter is pretty expensive (around $60?). My New Balance trail runners - Leadville 1210s, version 2 - have Vibram soles, and in my experience the soles provide excellent traction and last for a long time (the shoes themselves are all that you're asking for in terms of support and comfort too). Looks like they have a men's version, which also has excellent reviews.
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In the meantime, watch out for steel stairs. I also wore NB shoes, until I narrowly missed serious injury slipping on wet stairs made of steel. I don't wear NB now, I now favour Rockports.
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I've been using Keen's for this for a decade. They're more durable than the Merrell equivalents. Good grippy soles even on ice. I've worn them on field trips and walking trails alike. They are definitely good for full days activity and provide arch support.

Mine aren't stinky, but that is a problem solved with good socks in my experience.

They are also quite good for air travel. Not fussy on or off.
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People think I'm crazy but I wear Doc Marten's oxfords when I know I'm going to be walking a lot. They're not soft but they absorb some of the constant thudding your feet get walking around, have food traction, are durable, and can handle unpaved walking trails just fine. Clean them off and they're semi-formal, too!
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I'm a convert to Clarks for traveling. A single pair of shoes for sightseeing and for dinner out. This shoe, for example.
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My favorite shoe is a this standard Doc Martens. Once broken in, they're the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn and are study AF. Also: I never have to buy another pair ever again.
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Mr. gudrun got a pair of Skechers from their work line, with good non slip soles, which he is liking quite well. He's worn them a lot, and they are comfortable and holding up well.
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I use Saucony trail runners as my everyday shoes and love them. They look like sneakers, which might not be what you want, but otherwise they do everything you're asking.
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I have some Columbia trail shoes that I bought for some hiking trips and then made my regular walking shoes because they are great. They are in essence running shoes that don't slip on anything and are waterproof.
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