basic paint program for OSX?
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What's a good, very basic paint program for OSX?

I teach in an elementary school computer lab. I used to use Kid Pix as my primary program for teaching Kindergarten, first and second graders. In its first few incarnations KP simply brilliant and perfect for teaching kids about using computers.

Now KP- while still a fabulous program for home use, is so bloated with 'cool features' the basics are obscured, and it no longer meets my needs. I'm looking for a simple paint program that is NOT cute, and does NOT have a proprietary interface. Ideally it would have most of the standard paint tools, be colorful and simple to use. Extra points: free or shareware, and the ability to easily include files in a slideshow that includes voice narration of each slide.

If I can't find anything better, I'll probably use the paint program in Appleworks. Oh, and I can't use older versions of KP, I tried- it crashes in OSX.
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Tux Paint for OS X seems to meet your needs.
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I'm not familiar with Kid Pix, but you should try ArtRage. It's quite a lot of fun. Only downside is some sort of proprietary format ".ptg", which I'm pretty sure you could get around.
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I second the Artrage recommendation. The export menu gives you png, jpg and bmp as options.
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I third Artrage. Although it does have a proprietary interface, it's remarkably clean, easy to use, and child friendly.
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Cool, both programs look good. So here's my followup- since neither seems to include a slide show function, what program could I use to easily assemble slideshows with voice narration? I know Graphic Converter will do slideshows, but I'm not sure of the narration... any suggestions?
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If you plan on exporting your images you can always import them into iPhoto and create a slideshow there.
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what program could I use to easily assemble slideshows with voice narration?

Any mac program that can print can save pdfs (In Tiger: file -> print -> pdf -> save as pdf). You can then use the pdf files in powerpoint, openoffice, or keynote to make such a slideshow.
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