Recommendations for a replacement laptop battery?
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I'm looking for a new battery for my old Lenovo laptop. The OEM Lenovo batteries are pretty expensive ($70 and up). I would like to buy a cheaper aftermarket one especially since the laptop is quite old and might not last another 2-3 years. Can you recommend good places to buy online?

I previously used an Anker replacement, but it lasted about 18 months before it would only charge 50%. I'm wary of buying no-name batteries from Amazon because of all the stories of batteries exploding or starting fires. A reliable seller or trusted off brand would be ideal. Thanks!
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I didn't have good luck with this. I got a replacement battery from Batteries Plus and for some reason my laptop got super hot with it; the laptop would shut itself down after only a few minutes. I exchanged it for another battery, but that one had the same problem. It was very frustrating.

Not only did I have to run the laptop only with the AC adapter, I had to _remove_ the battery. I kept it with me when traveling in case I had to use the laptop for < 15 minutes in an airport or something.

After putting up with this for _years_, I finally spent the $$ and got a Lenovo battery. My life is much better.
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I have never had good results with a third party batteries, and I have replaced for three apple, one hp, and one ibm. In the future I will scrap or buy real OEM.

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I had the same experience as amtho did, albeit with a Dell laptop. Both third-party batteries I bought died shortly after buying. I would also recommended getting the OEM batteries. The money is worth it.
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I have some significant experience with OEM versus non-OEM batteries. I would never EVER use a non-OEM battery. Please do not do this.
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