What kind of esoteric hobby should my character have?
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I'm writing a short story and I'm looking for a detailed, intense hobby my Type A/introverted character can engage in. Something like building ships in a bottle or detailed miniatures but less obvious. Any ideas?
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Writing/drawing on grains of rice
Repairing antique radios
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bead weaving
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Making stained glass
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Ham radio
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Making handmade bathymetric models.
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Lego models
Knitting or crochet
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Violin maker
Cedar strip canoe builder
Amateur astronomy (some of these people stay up all night carefully sketching globular clusters or the bands on Jupiter)
Model railroad enthusiast
You're that guy who makes those tiny burritos for his hamster and films it as if he's dinning at a tiny Mexican restaurant.
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Fantasy sports, particularly the daily fantasy ones (e.g., Fanduel). People get really involved in the minutiae and finding that one undervalued person.
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Uncommon photography styles such as pinhole or tintype.
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scherenschnitte (intricate paper cutting)
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Growing bonsai plants.
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Are they in a city or in a rural environment? Do they stay in a lot or do they like the outdoors?
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Armor making, where you take little metal discs and stitch them overlapping together ...
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Sashiko embroidery
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Day trading/investing?
Hacking (code)?
Pornography collection (obsessive categorization)?
Miniature origami?
Nootropic self-experimentation (and obsessive measurements of bodily function)?
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Training fish to do tricks using operant conditioning.
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Making miniature dioramas. You can pick some thematically significant ideas. Anything from fantasy & scifi to war to recreating tiny historical scenes or buildings. It is basically miniatures painting on steroids as they make all the scenery & basing too.
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Enameling - various types - plique a jour, basse taille, cloisonné etc
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seconding scrimshaw. it's so deliciously esoteric and absorbing
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I like the idea of carving grains of rice. It's meticulous, but I like to imagine someone who understands the futility of it, and tends to eat all the results (successes and failures).

Also, carving egg shells. It's beautiful, fragile, and fairly compact.
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Are they a wordy person? If so diagramless crosswords might fit, where you have to figure out the grid before you can answer and fit the clues.
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tatting lace

mosaic (imagine trawling thrift stores for chipped colorful plates, making frames, etc.)

assembling electronics kits

clicker training cats

perfecting a vegan recipe for various baked goods using vegetables from the squash family (pumpkins, zucchini) as a binder instead of eggs

making Arts and Crafts oaken frames

making Arts and Crafts tiles and framing them

Making shadow boxes

making vintage-look divided boxes (like typesetters' boxes) and using them to store/frame natural history specimens

Collecting and displaying vintage cabinet hardware

cataloguing lichen on local walking trails (or traveling to wilderness trails and identifying/cataloguing lichen there)

felting animals or decorative / floral elements

collecting thimbles

building shelving and cabinets for hoarders

managing a personal weather monitoring station

producing a local radio program (could be interviews, music, events announcements, workout programming, health/events/business news, radio book club, story time for kids)

putting together a podcast for a niche musical interest like French New Wave or gamelan music

restoring vintage shoes

metal casting

metal machine shop work (milling things like cool pens or spinning tops)

jewelry making - wire bending, semiprecious stones

wildlife rehabilitation - bottle feeding squirrels, etc.

whatever they're doing at TinyKittens.com

livestreaming conflicts among backyard wildlife

creating a conlang (constructed language)

ham radio

ham radio with the Esperanto crowd


creating jigsaw puzzles that are actually word puzzles
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Cryptic crosswords
time lapse photography
doll house furniture
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Egg blowing and decorating.
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Stop-motion animation.
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netsuke carving
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Designs fonts.
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Fly tying.
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Persnickety Wikipedia Editor
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playing Dwarf Fortress.

(also, thanks for the fun list of things to explore, MeFis!)
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Hand-carving wooden spoons.
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Fruit pit carving. (Notable olive pit example from 1700s.)
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Chain maille making
Carving crayons
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Wood carving/sculpting
Clothing design
Building model cars
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Researching and documenting historical misinformation campaigns. For example, did you know that the concept of the Type A personality was probably constructed on behalf of the tobacco industry to hide the link between smoking and heart disease and cancer?
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Collecting beetles
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If the character is nerdy, speedrunning games involves hours and hours of perfecting sequences of actions. You can look up a game name and speed run on YouTube to get an idea. Tool assisted speed running is even deeper down the rabbit hole. It's basically mathematically solving a game using coding, strategy, and math. Both hobbies also have deep communities of like-minded nerds associated with them.
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I've got no ideas that haven't been already mentioned, but I'm chiming in to say that the suggestions are pretty amazing and I'm thrilled to be a MeFite!
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Wait, you guys are amazing! Too many to choose from! I think I'll have to take up some of these myself.
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