Need new options for home phone system
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We are doing some remodeling and my wife is not happy with the old wall mounted phone we have in the kitchen. Since we have Xfinity Voice, I bet there are some options out there I'm not thinking of.

The kitchen wall mounted phone is actually a base station for an old AT&T wireless phone system which works pretty good. Is there something newer and compatible with the Xfinity Voice system that you can recommend or suggest? We have good WiFi coverage in the house.

I was thinking of getting rid of the entire system as we all have cell phones, but my wife doesn't want to.

Thank you!
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Any cordless phone that hooks up to a land line will work.

There is a newish cordless phone standard called DECT that is on a frequency that does not conflict with WiFi. Several manufacturers make DECT phone,s and they are all interoperable (i.e. if you get a Panasonic DECT base station you can use Uniden DECT handsets with it).

I personally like and recommend Panasonic cordless phones. They use regular size batteries (AA or AAA), and replacing these with Eneloops or another low-self-discharge battery is an inexpensive and worthwhile upgrade. Almost all of them have a talking caller ID feature. It's kind of humorous the way it mispronounces the names sometimes (especially since Caller ID names often use abbreviations or are just completely cut off), but it is still helpful to figure out who's calling without having to get up.
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We have a fairly ordinary wireless phone system with one base station and 2 remote handsets, so we have a handset on each floor. It does not announce the call waiting, a feature that would save us many steps looking to see which spam caller is on the line.

When we had traditional phone service, we kept an old phone in a drawer because that sometimes worked when the power was out. Now we have VOIP, when the power is out, nothing works.

I think most home phone systems look pretty cheesy, so you might look for one with a bit of style.
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