Object to track hours?
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A few weeks ago I came across a couple of different websites about objects with motion sensors inside them that sit on your desk. You could write the names of projects on various sides of the thinger. As you put hours into a project, you rotated the whatchamacallit so that the side corresponding to that project was upright, and the motion sensor kept track of the time that side was upright, so you'd basically have a toy that tracked project hours. I can't find the websites now.

Note: I'm looking for physical objects. I do not need recommendations for online or computer-only project/time trackers.

When I ran across these doohickeys, I thought "huh, interesting" and went on my way because I had no need of them. Now a project has landed in my lap that I need to track hours on. I could just open up a document and write down times, but my track record with remembering to do that is terrible (ADHD!), and I think a physical object on my desk that I can see would work at least slightly better. At least I'd see it more often.

At least one (possibly both?) was shaped like a six-sided die, and offered an option of buying the motion sensor and a cardboard template that you could fold up into the thingy. One of the two thingumabobs may also have been on a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
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Including the word "paperweight" in my search seemed fruitful. Maybe it's this thing from ZEI.
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Response by poster: Thanks--that looks like one of the ones I came across, and it's on Kickstarter now. I'm pretty sure the six-sided die-shaped one was available for purchase. (Might even have had the sensor core available on Github, but I could be making that up.)
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Another hands-on technique I saw is to build the calendar out of multicolored Lego bricks. (blog post)
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