great quoting or invoicing apps?
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I write quotes for clients on a daily basis, have about 30 products in 3 different colors, I need to produce a quick--hopefully visual quote (want to feature small thumbnails of the items on the quote) Most of my clients call in their orders on the phone---so it would be just producing a quote on my end that i can send them as a PDF. No one uses my web site to actually order items, just peruse them. Mac OS X here but would prefer web app is possible. Please let me know what works for you
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I use Workflowmax but also experiment with Zoho.
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I use Freshbooks. Super easy to use, looks professional, and keeps track of your quotes ("estimates" in Freshbooks lingo) and invoices to multiple clients. You can even set it up to accept credit card payments.
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I don't know about including thumbnails, but I use Pancake. It's been working well for me the past year or so.
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