Where should we stay in Nashville?
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My wife and I are going to Nashville in December for a long needed getaway without children. We'll be there for 2-3 nights. We like walking neighborhoods, books, music, coffee, beer, good food, and spas/massage. What should we do while we're there? Where should we eat? And most importantly, where should we stay?
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Gaylord Opryland Resort. A visit to the Grand Ole Opry for a show, which is close by.
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I disagree with Opryland, given then parameters. It's way out of town on its own. There's stuff to do there, but it's not really "seeing Nashville." If you'll have a car and don't mind driving a lot, it's ok. Otherwise, I advise something different. I do agree with the recommendation of seeing a show at the Opry.

I'd suggest staying somewhere in downtown or near Vanderbilt. There are a lot of hotels. I like the Hermitage, Omni, and Hilton Downtown. I've also stayed at the Embassy Suites by Vanderbilt and the Home2Suites over that way, and they were fine.
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Was just there last week. I liked the Midtown area, where Vanderbilt is. Great food and very walkable but away from the craziness of Broadway (which is only a mile and a half away). Have a great time!
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You sound like East Nashville people to me!
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For a delightfully unique Nashville experience, I suggest looking up Santa's Pub. It's a dive bar in a double wide trailer run by a man who looks a bit like Santa, and every night there is karaoke night. Aside from being a bit smokey it's an enormous amount of fun.
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For beer, I really enjoyed Jackalope Brewery. As a bonus, Yazoo is within walking distance, as is Arnold's Country Kitchen, which has really good cafeteria-style Southern food. For Nashville hot chicken, Hattie B's is the place to be.

For other stuff, I really loved the Johnny Cash Museum, and it's right in the heart of downtown so you can walk up and down Broadway, the main drag.

For nightlife, Robert's Western World was so much fun. Super cheap beer, fried bologna sandwiches, and great live music.
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Look to stay either downtown/Vanderbilt area or in the Gulch. Check out east Nashville (but there's no hotels, maybe airbnb if you're into that) for food and sights. We love twotenjack (Japanese /sushi, etc) and it's right next to Jenny's for ice cream! Marche is also good!
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Totally forgot Biscuit Love! So good!
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A second vote for an Air BnB in East Nashville and for a fun evening at Robert's Western World. A few places we love to eat: Peg Leg Porker (bbq); Rolf and Daughters (small plates, interesting); Margot (romantic); Holland House (cocktails).
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Nooo do not stay at Opreyland, it has nothing you want. I agree that an Airbnb in the closer bits of East Nashville (Five points / Lockland Springs) or in 12 South or Hillsboro Village.
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I don't know where in Nashville it is, but I have always wanted to visit Ann Patchett's bookstore, Parnassus Books. Since you mentioned books!
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I think you should check out Nashville Guru's Neighborhood Guides to check out all the different neighborhoods. And yes to East Nashville, Hillsboro Village, and Germantown!
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Nashville native here.

If you're going for hot chicken, I'd recommend reviewing last month's hot chicken FPP and comments.

Parnassus Books is in Green Hills, maybe a quarter mile north of the Bluebird Cafe on Hillsboro Rd. It was good when it opened, even more so now they bought out the place next door and doubled their floor space.

If you end up at Arnold's one day, drive another mile south and check out the record collection at Grimey's.

The Station Inn is a great spot for late-night bluegrass, if that's your cup of tea. It's in the Gulch area, 12th Ave S a couple blocks south of Demonbreun. The area has gotten rather crazily built up over the past 5 years or so, but when you step inside you'll feel like you're in another world.

Black Abbey is another great microbrewery in town. Their Fellowship Hall is open Wednesday through Sunday evenings. It's in the middle of an industrial area on the south side, but coming from the interstate (I-65 exit 79) it's not too bad of a slog.

Walking neighborhoods: definitely Germantown (eat at Monell's), the Five Points area of East Nashville, 12South.

Bonus East Nashville: The Pharmacy, Mas Tacos Por Favor
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Gaylord Opryland Resort. A visit to the Grand Ole Opry for a show, which is close by.

Yes, Grand Ole Opry is something to consider. A little kitsch (hell, maybe a LOT kitsch), but there's never a bad show. However, from early November through late January the Opry moves downtown to its original home in the Ryman Auditorium. All the more reason to go, by the way.

Consider dinner at Merchants (one of the few restaurants along Broadway that actually take reservations) followed by a half-block walk to the Ryman for the show.
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Stay at my friend's AirBNB! They're in south Nashville, and I miss them so much it hurts. There's even a MAME cabinet (arcade machine) that Joey made back in college and lugged all the way up to Tennessee. That thing is heavy.
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