Lost driver's license?
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I just found out my new CA driver's license was lost in the mail. If someone else has it, what are my risks in regards to identity theft, etc?
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Rather high. Any other mail gone missing? Especially anything with your SSN? Like, say, your tax forms that the IRS just mailed out, with those pre-printed labels bearing your SSN?

(This must be a huge time of year for identity fraud - pick the right day, and you can collect as many SSNs as you want along with correct names and addresses, just follow the mailman down the street as he drops off 1040s...)

If i were you, I'd immediately contact the big 3 credit bureaus and have a fraud watch placed on your account. They will notify you if someone tries to get credit using your name. This is free, only cost to you phone time, and it may prevent a BIG hassle.
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They know your birthday. That's the only info that isn't on the outside of the envelope. What can you do with someone's birthday, name and address?
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Well they also have his driver's license number which is a required field for many things such as loan/credit applications... hmmm...
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