Help me find this New Yorker short story
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Short story about a male high school teacher who has a crush on his wild student. Help!

I'm trying to locate a short story I loved years ago. I know it appeared in the New Yorker sometime within the last 12 to 14 years. It's told from the point of view of a male teacher at a (private?) high school. He gets a crush on one of his female students, who's living a wild and self-destructive kind of life (sneaking out, drinking/drugs, maybe involved with sketchy men). You expect something terrible to happen to her, but nothing does. In the last scene, the teacher meets her again; time has passed—she may be in college now—and she has pulled herself together and is doing just fine.

Anybody know the title or author of this?
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Best answer: The Smoker, by David Schickler?
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Wonderful story My Dad. Thank you.
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Hah, I came to Metafilter looking for that story previously. Not sure that is the one the original poster is looking for, although it could be, as I didn't remember it accurately either.
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The Republic of Bad Taste by Jonathan Franzen is kinda almost like this description above. (Franzen is one of those writers who is not greatly loved by some mefi commenters;)
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Response by poster: Yes, it was The Smoker!!!! God bless you, My Dad.
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