Romantic luxury vacation for two
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Recommend somewhere warm and beautiful in the Caribbean, adults only, 4-5 star, all inclusive. Prefer something off the beaten path/lesser known.

Bonus points for Hawaii or St. Lucia. No Bermuda or Mexico please. Will be going in December or January.

We want: excellent food, luxury accommodations, beautiful scenery, a good mix of quiet and activities. This is a romantic getaway and we want to feel relaxed and spoiled.
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Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos. I've never been, but have heard amazing things. It isn't technically Caribbean but neither are Hawaii, Bermuda, or Mexico for that matter.
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Renting a villa on Mustique (part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, not too far from Barbados) is pretty romantic and luxurious.
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Pink Sands on Harbor Island. The last time I was there, I recall there weren't many cars (if any) on the island. You have to get there on a boat and everyone drives around in golf carts. The hotel (which is really a collection of private cottages) seemed very exclusive. Have fun!
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Hotel Chocolat, in St Lucia. We went there for a babymoon and it was wonderful.
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For our tenth wedding anniversary we went to St Bart's and stayed at Le Sereno. I would highly recommend it except it won't be that quiet at the end of the year. We went in July, the quietest season. So maybe if you could push out your travel dates? It'll also be a lot cheaper than over New Year's.
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