Is there a way to print via WIFI on an Ethernet/Apple AirPrint printer?
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I have an all-in-one printer that only prints via Ethernet or Apple AirPrint; however, the printer will be set at a far spot as Fax machine and I don't have any iOS device. Is there still a way to make it print remotely from PC and via WIFI?
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What make/model of printer?
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Connect it to your wifi network (either via connecting it with ethernet to your wireless router device or with a wifi adapter) and you should be able to set up easily on your PC/laptop.

Of course, if you actually say the make/model of the printer and what it's connected to (wifi? cable?), it'll make our job of helping you easier :)
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not exactly sure what you are trying to do: but try printopia
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Thanks for the input and sorry that I didn't provide sufficient info about the printer.

It's a Canon imageCLASS MF216n I acquired from an office liquidation which only prints via Ethernet and Apple AirPrint but no WIFI.... Initially, I was going to use it as a fax machine so it is at the corner where the phone line is.

Now, I am thinking if there is a way to make it as a home printer as well so I can print from my PC computer via WIFI. While I don't own any apple product so I am afraid Printopia won't work for me though an adapter sounds like a good idea!
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I bought an Airport Express and plugged my printer into it. The Airport connects to my wifi network, and voila! My printer is connected to the wifi network. Works a charm. Let me know if you need more details on how to do this exactly, and I'll re-figure it out. I set it up ages ago and haven't futzed with it since.
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As Capri says, connecting a no-wifi device to an Airport (or any wifi router) via ethernet cable, and then adding that router to your network, will magically make it appear to be a regular wired printer from your PC.

Depending on your topology, you may need a wifi router with at least two ethernet jacks (one to printer, one to your LAN), so the Airport Express (which has only one) in particular may or may not fit the bill.
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I doubt you'd need anything as expensive as an Airport. One of these little $15 wifi repeaters from NewEgg should do the job.
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