Sister's Wedding Present
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Best wedding present you received from a sibling or other close family member?

So, I'm overthinking this and can't come up with a gift for my older sister's marriage. We're close. She's an artist, he's a math guy, they live in the middle of a big city. Doesn't have to be practical, though I suppose that would be a plus. Looking for something beautiful, unique, or rare ... Go! (I know how much this prompt sucks). I love my sister, I really do. Just a lot of pressure to get it right and so naturally I'm outsourcing. Best wedding present you received? Thanks for ANY responses ! :)
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If your sister is the sentimental type:

Wedding Keepsake Box

or fancy hangers to hang wedding clothes on after the wedding is over.

But the best present is probably just to be there for her before and after the wedding and help her out with whatever needs to be done.
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In secret, gather wedding or other romantic couple photographs of parents and grandparents of bride and groom. Arrange photos in a beautiful photo tray to be placed on a dresser or table.
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Someone gave me a Lumio lamp and it is really a beautiful thing. It gives a significant but relaxing light and runs for a long time on a charge. There are many knock-offs now but they are not nearly as nice as the real thing.
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My maid of honour gave us a plate - personalized to look like us, with our names and wedding date.

I saw a cutting board engraved with same info as above.

I'm working on a cross stitch for my best friend
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This Venn diagram cutting board? It's nicely designed and nerdy and practical.
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A queen-sized handmade quilt. Sorry.
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Like bq, we got an amazing handmade quilt from a good friend of ours who took care to specify imagery and colours that are incredibly personal to us. Our friend had it made on commission.
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Simon Pearce glassware.
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My son and daughter-in-law received a clock from her parents. I would describe it as a two sided station clock. It sticks out from the wall and can be read from either side.

It was given by her parents and I believe it is engraved.

They seem to love it, as they hang hang it again every time they move. It is beautiful and useful.

Come to think of it, our most used clock is pendulum wall clock that was a wedding gift from our church choir. We've been using it for over 34 years now.
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My brother is a member of a prominent choir in our city and he arranged for a few members of that choir to sing at our wedding. It was a complete surprise and i cried. So one of the best presents definitely but obviously depends on your access to relevant artists, musicians, etc.
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My sister' favorite wedding gift was the enormous brass candelabra shaped like palm trees (with monkeys) I gave her. She told me. Anyway it had pride of place in her living room -- every time I was there. Hm.

Well, it was beautiful in its way, unusual if not unique, and certainly rare. And my sister really was a palm-tree-monkey-candelabra kind of person. I say, swing for the fences. Buy art, or an objet d'art. Your sister will love it, because it came from you.
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I'm not actually sure what my little brother bought me as a wedding gift. I expect he bought something, but I couldn't tell you what it was.

What I do remember is he walked me down the aisle, gave a fantastic reading, helped the caterers fix my cake (they couldn't get the tiers to balance, he's an engineer...), and wrangled my tipsy and emotional mum. Oh, and he told me which red wine to buy for the reception since my husband and I mostly drink white.

It doesn't matter what you buy, in ten years your sister will still remember you being there for her. Doesn't help with your immediate problem, but maybe it will take the pressure off.
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Help & money. Mostly money.
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Well, there probably aren't too may of these hanging around in your area flea markets, but, the best wedding gift I ever received was this lovely lithography stone from my best friend George.

It's a great example of something out of left field that hits home with the recipient. I'm a graphic artist and am very geeky about the history of print. This thing is priceless to me.

True story...George delivered it a week or so after we were wed, and as he came into our apartment, carrying an obviously heavy box (the stone is 3x11x16" of solid limestone) I joked to him "WTF is that? A litho stone?" We both being graphic artists, we thought that as pretty funny.

It helps me win the "best home bar decoration" weiner-measuring contest whenever one breaks out, too.
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I live in a large city with small apartments, and I've always given experiences for these types of things. Fancy dinner reservations to celebrate their anniversary, weekend getaways, etc. Or cash so they can plan their own.
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Money, or any Breville appliance.
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3 bottles of wine, timed to be drunk at milestone anniversaries: champagne for 1st, red for 10th, port for 20th ect.
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Honestly the best gift we received was a "high end" wine bottle opener - it was like this (but less expensive). I thought of the gift-giver every time I used it.
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My sister basically planned my wedding and bridal shower: sent out save the dates and invitations, made centerpieces, got some goofy games to play at my bachelorette party, got the frame mat that everyone signed in lieu of a guestbook and then put it together with some nice wedding photos . . . she did almost everything. It was 100% the best thing for me because I did NOT want to plan any of that.

I took her to Argentina as a thank-you, so it really was an above and beyond type of gift.

Other than that, our hands-down favorite gift from the wedding is either the mandolin slicer or the collection of fancy china cups that my mother passed down to me from my late paternal grandmother.
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Since the only two clues you gave us were math and art, how about combining the two? This woman does amazing math based sculpture: Bathsheba
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do they like to cook? my siblings got me a membership to a csa as a wedding gift.
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I got my siblings gas grills for their nuptials. We paid for the bar at my BILs wedding.
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On the math/quilt front, how about a Theodore Gray quilt? More on the quilts and the process by which they're made can be found in his Stitchblog. (Bonus: updates on Nina Paley's 'embroidermations,' he assists with production)
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Can't thank you enough for your thoughtful responses.
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