Plot summary of the ending of The Elementals by Michael McDowell?
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I got a little distracted while I was listening to this audio book and the ending didn't make too much sense to me. Can someone explain it? The more detail the better, thanks!
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Spoilers below, obviously....

The Elemental manifestations kill Dauphin Savage, Lawton McCray when he tries to burn the Beldame mansions down, as well as Odessa Red. India eats Odessa's eyeballs (!), and gains the ability to see and detect the Elementals' presence. She and Luker succeed in destroying a manifestation in the shape of Marian Savage, and burn the third house down. India, Luker, Leigh, and Big Barbara flee Beldame and more or less return to normal life. Beldame itself is sold to the oil companies before finally being consumed in a hurricane.
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What is the deal with the twins?
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Earlier in the book, IndIa sketches a picture of Dauphin's great-great-grandmother holding two dolls without knowing where the image came from. Later, Luker and Dauphin recognize it as a sketch based on a photograph of Dauphin's ancestor holding two stillborn children, not dolls.

In the final page, India expresses aversion to India's newborn sons, Dauphin and Darnley, presumably because she associates them with the stillborn children she had sketched earlier, and the Savage mothers.
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Edit - that's aversion to Leigh's newborns, not India's.
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