Vaguely remembered NPR story about planned income inequality?
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I remember listen to an NPR story around a year (maybe two) ago about income inequality and how the decoupling of productivity and real wages was planned. Something about who sold out the middle class? It pointed out certain deals made by politicians in the early 1970s I think. Any ideas what it could have been and where to find it?
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I can't point to it specifically, but areas like money are usually covered by Kai Ryssdal on Planet Money. You might try searching there.
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(Kai is on Marketplace, which is not NPR, but APM.) Marketplace is a good place to look too, though! It often gets lumped in with NPR.
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This NPR story on wage stagnation is close to what you describe.
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Could it be this Planet Money piece by Adam Davidson in 2013?
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(correction: that included a link to his NYT column, not audio)
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