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I have a wordpress website (link). After fiddling with the current theme (Edin) for a while, I'm starting to think it's not what I'm looking for. I'd like some advice on other themes that might work to present blog posts and static pages.

What I'd like to have is a home page, and then separate pages for each category of posts (Trip Reports, Gear, Advice) where the individual posts are displayed in an image grid of some sort, rather than in a single-column chronological line like most themes seem to want to do. I also want to display the Wave Guide and its child pages statically, since it's a durable guide. I'm having trouble finding a theme that can do both.

And one other pony request if I have a wish list; I like the featured image setup of Edin, but I want to make the featured image about half as tall so that it's clear more information follows. It's not a dealbreaker though; getting the display of the posts and the static pages right is the main priority. Free is best if I can get it.
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The first thing I do is look for a site that looks exactly what I'm looking for, the put it through WPThemeDetector and see what theme it is, what plug-ins it's using, etc. That's a big step toward replicating it. Have you found other sites that are close to what you're looking for? Can you share those with us?
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I don't have specific themes to suggest, but there are a few things that might give you more options.

1) Use a plugin to get the post grid on your category pages. Both of these look like they might do what you want. I haven't personally used either.
Post Grid - How to use Post Grid
Content Views

2) The height of the hero/featured image area can be adjusted via CSS. Right now, the height is determined by adding 180 px of padding above & below the overlaid text.

Try something like this if you want a standard height:
.hero .with-featured-image {height: 200px; padding-top: 30px;}

Or this if you want variable height (depending on the amount of text):
.hero .with-featured-image {padding-top: 50px; padding-bottom: 50px;}
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I don't love their homepage, but the pages for "Gear" and "Travel" on Outside are kind of what I'm looking for when it comes to displaying articles. I don't have to get quite that fancy, but that's what I had in mind for the image + article title sort of display. Not WP though. I don't like the big splash images at Wavelength, but further down the "More from Wavelength" display is kind of what I have in mind. I also like the top-menu setup, but it seems like that's pretty common.

I don't like the design at all, but Backcountry Recon's pages are along the lines of the architecture I like for the wave guide as far as how navigation works.

I like NSM, but the theme detector says they're not on WP. Same goes for Climbing.

I kind of like Drift, which looks like it's on 15Zine, which isn't free. I kind of like the iMAGPRESS theme, but not free either.

It looks like the category of "Metro" themes might be in the ballpark.
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Happiness Engineer for here...

You can download the free themes on for your self-hosted site, and here's a list of Magazine-style themes we have:
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I use Enfold - very flexible and easy to use. Pretty sure it can do all you need.
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I tried tweaking things a little, but didn't like what I ended up with. I applied Apostrophe Magazine, which I like quite a bit.
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