Please me fix my tabbed browsing technical issues.
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When using Firefox and Chrome, is there I way that I can make the browser load new tabs while I am simultaneously browsing on a separate tab?

My preferred way of browsing is read a page or do a search, and then click links and open them in a new tab.

However, when I do this, the tabs do not load while I continue to browse the original page. They do not begin to load until I click on an individual tab.

Frequently, but not always, the original tab unloads when I look at another one, and it has to reload when I click on it again. So basically even if I just have two or three tabs open, I am often on a constant cycle of looking at blank tabs loading.

My only extensions are Avast Online Security and Avast SafePrice.

It is incredibly frustrating and I swear it wasn't always like this. I have done a bunch of googling and found nothing that addresses my specific problem.

Basically all I want is for my tabs to load whether or not I am looking a them, and then to stay loaded.
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Just checking: Are you on a phone or on a computer? What operating system are you using? On Firefox do you Command-click or right click to open a link in a new tab? Because your habits are exactly like mine and this is not a thing. Have you tried disabling the extensions (you may not need them) and seeing if that did the trick?
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I mean to include all this info, sorry.

I am on Windows 7, on my laptop computer. I right click to open new tabs, but when I do Ctrl-click, it's the same scene.

I have tried with extensions on and off, same result.

I also have a pretty regular anti-malware routine involving Adw Cleaner, Malware Bytes, and CC Cleaner.
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For Firefox, do this. I don't use Chrome, but there's probably a similar setting you can change.
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Here's how to change the setting in Chrome.

I swear, the way these jokers keep changing a user's defaults makes you wonder if they're actively trying to piss people off.
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Yep, Tab Discarding that LuckySeven~ mentions. I was just researching this yesterday.
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Thank you so much, LuckySeven!
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Happy to help!
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