Good sites for school-age kids
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I'm a tech advisor at a small school district. Teachers have a bad habit of sending kids to craptastic "learning" game sites or, worse still, any site they like for "free-choice time." Help me compile great sites that are not necessarily "educational" but good for the soul.

Some examples:

Google Street View Tours
Optical Illusions and Visual Puzzles, with the science behind them
Fantastic Contraption, a set of graded engineering puzzles

See how those are not cute sites "for kids" but just stimulating resources to explore and learn from? More more more like those, please and thank you.
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Best answer: Chrome music lab! It was linked here on Metafiler. I'm on my phone or I'd add a link.
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Best answer: Similar to Google Street View Tours but gamified - GeoGuessr
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Best answer:

educational and fun stuff
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Response by poster: These are all good so far, but ReluctantViking, that is mind-blowing. Perfect.
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Best answer: - a wonderful site for kids who love animals
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Best answer:
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Best answer: All of Math Playground is great, but you might be particularly interested in the logic games section. Lots of things similar to Fantastic Contraption.

Also check out Mr. Nussbaum.
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Check he website for the large library in your city/metro area - may have some great digital resources (or check out the various resources and digital collections at for that matter)
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There was some good stuff listed in this recent thread:

Recommend sciency videos for 8 year old
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Best answer: Maybe some kids would like It's the construction-by-straightedge-and-compass one.
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Information is Beautiful and many other data visualization sites could be good.
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Best answer: Since you are compiling websites for kids, might I suggest Symbaloo as an organizer?

They are the BEST for elementary age kids because studies show that young children don't understand hierarchical structures and therefore do better 'sering everything at once.'

Symbaloo is also easy to embed into websites, so ease of use is standard and although you can pay for it, I never have and I use it for four different schools in our district.
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Digital Public Library of America Exhibitions, for the older kids.
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