What was this movie?
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Trying to remember a movie I saw when I was a kid. I think Michael Caine was in it, and he went to a massage parlour.

The masseuse asked if he wanted the special, oral sex vs manual stimulation, he chose the latter. They had pleasant conversation and the masseuse seemed to be on automatic regarding the happy ending, and Michael interrupted the conversation with an ejaculation warning. The only other thing I remember is a male character confided in another that the toilet bowl was full of blood after his morning urination. I was unsuccessful at Google, and Mr. Caine's filmography is so long it would take some time to get through, and I can't even be 100% certain it was him. Anyone familiar?
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It sounds like it might be from "Blame It on Rio," which is the only really naughty Michael Caine movie I can think of.
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I was thinking "Blame it on Rio" (early Demi Moore film!) as well, though there doesn't seem to be a credit for a masseuse.
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Half Moon Street?

You saw it when you were a kid?
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Not quite Michael Caine, but the description sounds like The Decline of The American Empire.
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Agree with ovvl. It's The Decline Of The American Empire.
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If you saw this as a kid, there would be a lot more nuance in watching it again now. Some interesting discussions about Western Culture are mixed with the sexy bits.
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