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Clinton Supporter-Filter: I need Clinton Soup For The Soul, and I would like it in the form of reading/watching HRC-haters losing debates.

While I appreciate and understand the reason for heavy moderation in Metafilter election threads, a selfish little part of me is always kind of disappointed when a really ignorant anti-Clinton comment gets deleted, because I learn a ton of talking points by reading fiery online back-and-forth debating - it's enlightening to see all the different angles and defenses and rebuttals get covered.

Please share links to forum threads, twitter threads, comment threads, reddit threads, or generally anything where anti-Clinton types go back and forth with supporters and basically get their ass handed to them WWF-smackdown style. The debate does not even have to be civilized or end in some kumbaya admission of defeat. It just has to be a good read.

What I'm not looking for: Witty one-liner snark comebacks, people dropping links to political cartoons or Onion articles as a response, people dropping one response and peacing outl. Looking more of the actual lengthy comment/response/response-to-response/response-to-response-to-response/etc variety of online debates. Something that would at least take a few minutes to read through.

If you have witnessed this happen, please share the link to the exchange here so I can devour it. Sorry if this is a weird question.
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Would you settle for a 20-minute piece by John Oliver comparing the "scandals" of each candidate? This is a presentation and not a conversation or debate, but I found it very helpful.

I also really appreciated an article on everyday feminism that broke down Trump's "debate" style as styles of emotional abuse. It helped me process the kind of anxiety I have every time I watch a clip.
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Thanks, I should have clarified I also wasn't looking for articles/one-sided stories. What I'm really searching for is debate, written or video. (Also, Jesus that DailyKos story is borderline incoherent, I appreciate your response but oh man wow)
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About Trump, not Clinton, but I bet you'd love this Intelligence Squared debate.
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