Looking for book on Latin and Greek word roots from the 1980s.
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I took a class back in the 1980s in public school in Indiana in which I was taught about Latin and Greek word roots found in the English language.

We used a book in class that I have never found since, and I'd love to have a copy for reference. As I recall, it was spiral-bound. I remember it having the Greek roots in the first part of the book and the Latin roots in the second half. I'm pretty sure there were short sections covering a group of 10-15 roots and listing examples of the root's use in English word. There would be definitions of each root, lists of English words with that root in them, and definitions of each English word. Does this sound familiar to anybody? Can you help me find an old copy of this book? Thanks!
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Best answer: That sounds like Wordclues to me.
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Was this a "Greek and Latin Derivatives" class? I took that in Bloomington in the 80s... I feel like we may have used an earlier edition of this book? No--on further thought--we definitely used the Wordclues book above! Wow, it's been decades, but that brings back memories...
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Response by poster: Thanks a million katie! I never would have looked for it under that name - I'd forgotten it, but as soon as I saw the cover, I knew that's the right book! I'm going to fo order a copy now!
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