anyone else remember this one photography blog ...?
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Author vanished (I think after some photos were stolen/reposted). I would love to know if any of their work is available elsewhere. Details inside.

I don't know how high the readership was but, hey, I've seen niche things get found here :)

I read this blog years ago. 3+ years for sure. Long enough ago that I can't just go to that URL again and try to sleuth from there.

I WANT to say it was called "Chocolate Violets" but I am not willing to bet on that.

I thought it had been on blogspot, but again, can't bet on it.

It was not in English; 99% sure it was something from the Nordic region (by which I mean: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland - apologies if I'm wrong with nomenclature) but I could not tell you which one.

The photographer was a woman and her posts were mostly of her young kids pretty much frolicking in the countryside (3-4 of them? all very blond, and it was the first time I had ever seen kids in those super long pointy sleeping caps) and what seemed like 8 greyhounds. And a lot of beautiful landscapes, mostly of grassy fields. (Hm, so probably not Norway ;))

I saw some really angry notices at one point about people taking and reposting her photos, which is what I am assuming led to her blog vanishing.

I really enjoyed her photography and am sorry it's gone now. I would happily buy some of her photos if she's made them into prints or a book, etc.

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Elena Shumilova?
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Did Mefi cover it, because something about all the naked/nude pics the author took of their kids and controversy thereof ? (I vaguely recall something like that, but can't find it, and worry about the things I'd put in google to maybe find it)
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Nope, and ... I don't think so.

Ah well - no big. :)
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