Smell from down coat
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My down jacket was stored with rotting sausage for a while. Not touching it, but in the same closet. It smells. How do I fix that? It's a lot of puffy down under a nylon/poly outer layer.
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Dry cleaner? They handle this kind of thing on the regular.
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I would try putting it in a dryer on a no/low-heat setting with a couple of dryer sheets and a few clean towels to fill up the drum a bit.
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Does it have a tag that gives instructions for washing it? I've washed down jackets many times with no problems.

If it doesn't have a tag that tells you how to wash it check on the manufacturer's website.
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If sunny where you live, put it in the sun for an afternoon. I do this for my down blankets that have been in storage.
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If washing at home:
Only place down jackets in a front loading, agitator-free washing machine. Top-loaders generally have an agitator (the spire in the center of the machine) which can damage the down. Wash on gentle, using warm water. We use Tide Free or Dreft to wash down pillows, because they are more gentle.

Dry on low heat/no heat/delicate cycle, using a couple of dryer sheets. Down takes a long time to dry, so you may have to run it multiple times. I agree with like_neon: add a couple of large towels to the load to fill up the drum. Also add one or two tennis balls if you have them. The balls will help keep the down fluffed.

Good luck!
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If you can get hold of it, use Nikwax down wash.

Seconding to put 2 or 3 tennis balls in the dryer - works a treat. You'll still have an evening of fluffing and spreading it again by hand, but a shorter evening by a long way.
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There is an essential oil that Young Living makes called Purification. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and seal it up with the coat for a couple of days. It's like magic in a bottle.
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