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Do you know a way to get rid of, or at least mitigate (ha) the smell of evening primrose and/or rose hip oil? As moisturizers they're doing wonders for my skin, but the smell ....its..pungent! Or just strong, like a nutty..something something smell. Someone said dry pasta. It's not rancid, but its strong enough to be hard to ignore. Any ideas are welcome!

I'm experimenting with the oil cleansing method as well as using these two (evening primrose and/or rose hip oil) as moisturizers. While the smell isn't a massive deal while going to bed, its still pretty distracting going to town/uni etc. - I feel like i have a funny smell on my face. its a weird feeling.

I know Jurlique has some really bomb oil moisturizers, which smell divine, but i don't feel like dropping 50 bones every time i need a refill. I love organic, hippy stuff so am open to experimenting with infusing sage branches or whatever in the oil, i'm just not sure if its a good idea? I don't mind floral, spicy or woody (like cedar) smells at all. Just these two are kind of meh.

Anyone know of any hacks to make an oil less smelly? I'm open to suggestions!
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I'm not sure you could make it less smelly without some sort of chemical process to remove the offending compounds, but you could add essential oils to it to either mask or mitigate the smell.

On the milder side you could use lavender, which is supposed to be calming for skin anyway. Rosemary might work too (and like you say you could infuse it, or use an essential oil if you can't be bothered). Something like vetivert (I think that's the one I mean, strong and woody) would really blast through.

If I were you I'd put a bit of your oils on the back of my hand and go to a shop selling essential oils, then smell each of them whilst holding my hand to my nose too. See what works.
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An alternative: I use sweet almond oil on my face and it doesn't have a smell at all, and it's like $4 for a bottle that will last you forever. I'd be really, really careful with putting any herbs or essential oils into something that's going on your face; also, it could just blend with the current smell and be even worse.
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I use it with a drop of lavender or tea tree oil.
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