I want more music like this. What do you call it?
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What search term would I use to get these three songs and others like them? Ballad of a Prodigal Son by Lincoln Durham (esp. that guitar part at 1:50); Ain't No Rest For The Wicked by Cage the Elephant; Lost in a Crowd by Fantastic Negrito

Common elements include: Lo-fi guitars/slide guitars
Strong aggressive rhythm
Emphasis on the lyrics, somewhere between chanting and shouting

I can't decide if Laz'rus by John McCutcheon is in the same box as the three above or not. If it's not, they're cousins at least.

I'm feel like this is something in the general "blues" region, but that is such a wide genre as to make it a useless search term. Is there are more specific kind of blues I'm looking for here?

(BTW, don't hesitate to mention a band because you think "Of course, you'll know about ____, everyone knows about them!" I probably don't!)
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Best answer: You're correct that this music is blues-inspired; I'd call it "modern primitive electric Delta blues", though I doubt that's a term you could search for. The lo-fi sound you note on the slide guitar in Ain't No Rest for the Wicked is the distinctive timbre of a metal-bodied resonator guitar; the one at the right side of the linked photo belongs to me.

Here's some tracks with similar elements that I hope you'll like:
Rollin' and Tumblin' - North Mississippi Allstars (check out the guitar solo at 1:31 on an single-string instrument made from a coffee can
Dog House Boogie - Seasick Steve
Stack Shot Billy - The Black Keys
Electric Worry - Clutch
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Lincoln Durham describes himself as "southern-gothic-punk-gospel-revival One-man-band preaching the good word of depravity"...also referred to as " Neo-country blues"... I would suggest hitting him up on Spotify and then clicking on related artists. Good stuff!
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I really like this Spotify playlist.
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I love this sound too and am terrible at genres .. its like fieldhollerbluescountrysouthernrock (??), suspect you might enjoy Shakey Graves, Robert Ellis, The Black Crowes and the White Stripes?
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See also Nate Rateliff & the Night Sweats?
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Give a listen to the infectious groove Otis Taylor lays down in 10 Million Slaves
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Here's an earlier revival of it back from the 90's - The Fun Lovin' Criminals.
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I came here to suggest the White Stripes. E.g. try Ball & Biscuit
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Davy Knowles has some very bluesy stuff that this reminded me of.

Tear Down The Walls is a bit faster paced but the guitar has that slightly gritty sound.

Davy Knowles' YouTube channel
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One probably overbroad term I've heard is "Americana". Soma FM have a station called Boot Liquor that plays mostly Americana.
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No time to find individual videos, but in terms of somewhat similar sounds (to lesser and greater degrees) try Mumford and Sons, Ryan Adams, Langhorne Slim, Charles Bradley, Cold War Kids, Gary Clark Jr., The White Stripes, Royal Blood, Prophet Omega, The Arcs, Anderson East and My Jerusalem.
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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I first found Ain't no Rest for the Wicked from it's use as the theme song for the game Borderlands. The sequel had a similarly awesome song, Short Change Hero by The Heavy. So far, I've liked the other stuff I've heard from them, though their albums contain a widish range of styles.
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Response by poster: Working my way through the responses. I'm enjoying them so far, thanks everybody!

Electric Worry is real good.
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