Hey (hey) Cloud (Cloud) get off of my phone
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I didn't ask it to, but my iPhone lately keeps trying to download more music to its library. Any clues?

In the time it took to write this question, 636 MB of music was added to my phone for some reason.

Helpful answers up front:

1. I'm an Apple Music subscriber.
2. I'm an iTunes Match / iCloud whatever subscriber.
3. Unless I'm getting ready to go on a trip, I never willingly store any music on my phone.
4. Every setting I can think of related to automatically downloading / syncing music is turned off. iCloud Music Library is off.

This morning, I woke up to a hot iPhone, frequent app crashes and error messages saying various songs I technically "own" through Apple Music or iTunes couldn't be downloaded. I've played whack-a-mole with my music library over and over, I've IMed with Apple Care support, and I've just done a factory reset of my phone. Still, it's trying to put music back on there. What setting changed by itself overnight to make my phone stop working the way I wanted it to?
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Do you have sync iPhone over WiFi turned on?

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Best answer: Could you have a big playlist set to automatically download? I have a special running playlist that I DO want to keep on my phone, and so I ... click on the little thingy when you are viewing the playlist (the cloud downloady thing)
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