Zombie Sex? Help me remember this movie
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I remember a movie where there was some supernatural, evil being. Maybe a zombie, maybe a demon? He would have sex with women and midway through the women tried to protest, but he continued. Afterward, the women were almost catatonic, very cold and distant. Also maybe under his control? Anyone remember what movie this was?
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A search for "male sex demon" produced some.. Um.. Interesting results, but it did bring up the word "incubus" which is the male version of a succubus. Do you remember when you would have seen this movie, and what language it was in? Was it a horror movie? There have been a few films about incubi since 1960, so maybe you could start there if that term rings a bell?
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It's not The Stand miniseries, is it? I remember the main bad dude had a girlfriend but mostly in theory. Once they actually had sex, she started fighting him halfway through. Afterward, her hair turns grey and she's in a daze and can barely move or talk and eventually.... ok, no spoilers.
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Yes, I too thought immediately of Flagg and Nadine's unholy courtship in The Stand.
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How long ago? Trick or Treat had a rock star who was brought back from the dead by playing his satanic album backwards and he left a woman spent.
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(Glad I wasn't the only one thinking of The Stand.)
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Maybe an admin could add a trigger warning to the title?
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Definitely sounds like the literary description of Flagg as well.
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The Entity?
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Response by poster: I did think of The Stand, but it's not what I am picturing. There were like a group of women, not just Nadine. And Michele, I checked out The Entity--I've not seen it, but it looks interesting!

I'm almost picturing a Rosemary's Baby type situation only instead of the wife it was girlfriends, and only during intercourse does his nature get revealed. And yeah, The Stand did that, but man--I think it's a later 90s film. Definitely American movie and probably the horror/suspense genre--this wasn't played for laughs.

Thanks for the ideas!
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