please help identify houseplant
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I was given this plant [pics] by someone who I'm not in contact with anymore. Is it a Philodendron? Species?

Care tips? OK to pull off or cut off dying leaves? I read that Palms continue to store nutrients in their yellowing/brown leaves, so should be left until they fall off by themselves. True for this plant, too? Fertilizer needed?

I could be watering it more regularly for the air-conditioned dry office it's in, but the new leaves from the center are still growing pretty vigorously.

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Peace lily?
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I think it's a Spathiphyllum 'Sensation' (a large-leafed variety of peace lily.)

Is it in a glass container with no drain holes? It should be in a container with drain holes. Repot it. I also think its pot looks small.

It's basically always okay to cut or gently pull off dead or dying leaves on a houseplant.

Spathiphyllum wilts when it needs more water pretty reliably, but revives when you water it. Is the soil dry when you water?

Also, my Spathiphyllum 'Sensation' did not like being in a south-facing window. It got too much sun there. What's the light situation?
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It's a peace lily.
It doesn't like being in a window, which is why it's all yellow.

1. Move it a few metres away from the window- they like indirect light. And I'd cut off most of the very yellow leaves (I count 8 or 9 you can remove)- the plant wastes energy trying to revive them but they're too far gone, plus they look depressing.

2. Re-pot into a larger pot with holes in the bottom. Fertilize it a wee bit, maybe.

3. You can put it in a clear plastic bag tent for a few days (maybe over a weekend) if you want it to be really happy- they like humidity.
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Thanks! I'm going to take it home where I can give it indirect light, re-pot it & find something else for the sunny spot at work.
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