The opposite of energy drinks
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What products are on the market that are the opposite of energy drinks? Gas stations and small convenience stores are replete with small bottles of 5 hour energy and cans of Rockstar, but not so much the opposite. I'm looking for examples of drinks which are marketed with the effect of being relaxing or calming.
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Hot tea?
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Dream water
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Tea. For example, "Sleepytime". Chamomile is one of the advertised ingredients, which is traditionally associated with sleep.
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Hang on, let me do a quick check to see if Celestial Seasonings still makes Sleepytime tea.
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To clarify I am aware of sleepytime tea, wondering what products people have seen on the market that come in a ready to consume prepackaged format.
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How about premixed alcoholic drinks? Depending on the state and the local alcohol laws, you sometimes find those in convenience stores next to the beer.

Also wine coolers.
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just chill
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Drank: The Anti Energy Drink

My cousin tried one and it knocked her out. They used to have a website, but that was years ago.

Here's a thing with a relevant headline that I didn't read.
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Marley Mellow Mood. They no longer seem to have it as an ingredient but for years the drinks contained melatonin - which would absolutely calm you down. Reference on that as an ingredient.

As for how the drink's currently made, the corporate site linked above highlights a number of ingredients that are picked to relax the consumer. I'd be doubtful about the efficacy of most of them, but the valerian root is again a pretty well-studied thing.
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The only one I've seen in the convenience stores was a Vitamin Water or one of its ilk with the tagline "calm." I have had one of the Marley teas, but don't recall its marketing, just that it was tasty.
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There is a decent vein of search results for 'calming soda,' for example:

just chill
neuro sleep
koma unwind
purple stuff calming berry
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I read about something called Slow Cow that advertised itself as pretty much what you're asking for.

There's also a bottled tea with Bob Marley on it, whose name escapes me at the moment, which is also supposed to help you relax and destress or something. I was unimpressed by its effects.
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And I see now the Bob Marley tea was covered.
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When I was a teenager we believed ginseng soda "mellowed us out." Whether or not that was just a placebo effect is open to debate.
posted by COD at 5:28 AM on September 27, 2016 vet ingredient lists carefully; I think it is easier to wind oneself up OTC than the opposite. The "Drank" contains valerian -- "Although valerian is a popular herbal medicine used for treating insomnia, there is no good evidence it is effective for this purpose, and there is some concern it may be harmful.[23]" -- rose hips, which I can't find anything to substantiate as useful, and melatonin; it would not "absolutely calm you down" -- "It is used as a medication for insomnia, however, scientific evidence is insufficient to demonstrate a benefit in this area.[7]" (It also requires very careful timing and dosing if it is going to do anything useful.)

Honestly, the only thing recommended so far that has an active ingredient that has been proven to 'slow your roll' is booze.
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I have see an actual product on the shelves called Drank, (clearly riffing off "purple drank") which labels itself as an "anti-energy" drink with the tagline "slow your roll."
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isn't this beer, basically? i mean, a cold bottle at the end of the day, etc etc. not going to the pub.
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Single serving sized bottle of red wine?
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I personally find hot chocolate to be calming. I try to sip it slowly.
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If you're near a Japanese market, there's a drink called FEEL without caffeine that's marketed towards helping people sleep.
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Natural Calm is a magnesium drink, it's relaxing and delicious.
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Rockstar(I'm pretty sure)has a version of this. It was called Relax, and had supposedly calming ingredients. It confused a lot of people who obviously associate Rockstar with energy/caffeinated drinks. I'll have to look it up now, my memories are vague...
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Yes, a quick google confirms that it was apparently discontinued, but googling "rockstar relax" leads to various discussions of it and other anti-energy drinks, if you are looking for more leads.
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The obvious answer is alcohol.
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I don't think Rockstar Relax is available anymore, but it was around for a while. It knocked me out good, but made me have to wake up and pee about an hour later, so it wasn't worth it.
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I worked for a short while at a hotel that left Neuro sleep for its guests. Feeling thirsty one day and figuring it was like Gatorade or something, I drank one. Big mistake. It was like downing a gallon of Nyquil...I could barely cope and ended up having to take a taxi home. That stuff works.
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I have seen a bunch of these near the cash registers at Whole Foods. Never tried them.

Zend Liquid Shots
Relaxer Zen Shot
I AM Sleepy
Six Hour Sleep
Dream Water
Neuro Sleep Drink
iChill Relaxation Sleep Shot
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Liquid Smoking - A dutch nicotine-based drink.
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