What should I do in Omaha?
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Omahafilter. Looking for suggestions on what to do (and where to eat) during a long weekend in Omaha.

I'm going to be in Omaha for a long weekend later this month. I have been there a few times, but other than King Fong, I am not sure where to eat or what the attractions are.

I love a big bloody steak and have heard good things about the zoo, but have no other ideas.

I will be going to a series of concerts each evening over the weekend, so things that are open late or early would be a plus.

I'm willing to drive a few hours in any direction for good food or interesting attractions.

I'm also arriving by train and will need to rent a car. Is the airport my best bet for this? Will it be easy to get a taxi to take me from the train station to the airport?

Thanks to any Omaha based Mefites who can help.
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The zoo is great! I've never been during the winter, but the aquarium/penguin house and desert dome should still be interesting.

There is a surprisingly large number of good restaurants in the Old Market area down town. I really like Ahmad's for persian food and Butsy Le Doux's for cajun food. Old Market is also a nice place to kill time and do some shopping.
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If there's a Lazlo's in Omaha, you should go. Otherwise, there are two in Lincoln, which is only an hour from Omaha (and a much nicer place to visit, IMO--I'm biased, though, as I used to live in Lincoln). They brew a bunch of great beers, and their french fries are to die for.

There's also a good Indian restaurant in the Old Market area, it's called The Jaipur, if I'm remembering correctly. The Old Market area's pretty cool.

One thing that I think is a neat thing to do is to go down to Beatrice--probably 2 hours from Omaha--and see the Homestead National Monument. It's on the site of the first homestead and there's a little museum, and a restored tallgrass prairie which is pretty freaking awesome, if you like that sort of thing.
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If you're into planes, check out the Strategic Air and Space Museum. And try to find the Homy Inn, the only bar I've ever seen that has champagne on tap. Two varieties, even.
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43places.com has an Omaha page. Might be worth a look.
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I agree with the Old Market suggestion. Also, for a good steak, check out The Drover or Gorats. If you enjoy wine, make sure to check out La Buvette in the Old Market as well.

The closest rent a car place is Enterprise at 112 S 20th St. (402) 342-3800. It's quite close to the Train Station and your best bet. Reserve ahead of time though.

Memorial Park is a cool place if you're into memorials and close to a part of town called Dundee. If you go to Dundee, check out the Dundee Dell, which has the largest Scotch Collection or something.

I also reccomend Katie's Greek Resturant and Amarillo's.
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I visited my girlfriend in Omaha last year, she was there for an art residency. We had amazing ribs at a place called Uncle Ernie's. I heard they moved so I don't know the address, but I think they are listed

Also, and this is important, you MUST go to the Alpine Inn and watch the insanely overweight feral raccoons feasting on your fried chicken leftovers.

Alpine Inn
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I've spent about 3 hours in Omaha, but we bought jugs of beer from Upstream Brewing Company in the Old Market District. Also, I will second the Ahmad's suggestion. My boyfriend, who has spent more time in Omaha, had fun at Mr. Toad's, a bar, also in the Old Market District.
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Do not miss the opportunity to eat at Johnny's Cafe.
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