Another "Identify This Plant" Question
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Can you help me identify this plant that sprouted in a desert garden?
(Apologies for using imgur, it seemed like the thing to do 4 years ago.)

The location: Las Vegas
The Environment: Shaded most of the day by a mesquite tree. Afternoon in total shade from the building. Abundant watering.

The loam on the ground is mostly from the nearby mesquite trees.
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It looks quite small, and not terribly well-defined at this stage. The sheltered and watered position it's in could mean it's anything from the sprout of a seed shat out by a bird to something planted on purpose (though I'm leaning toward volunteer of some kind). The leaves aren't ringing any bells with me.
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It looks vaguely like an azalea to me, but I can't imagine one surviving in Vegas with the temp extremes.
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Currently the temps in Vegas are in the 80s to 60s, and have been for the past week. So if it's something that's heat sensitive the current temps may be okay for it.
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Tough one, pretty generic looking, no obvious distinctive features. FYI Reddit's What's this plant? is often better for identification tricky plants than AskMe is.

AskMe will get you 95% of the top 30% of common/famous plants, but reddit has far more total eyeballs, more botanists, more local gardeners, etc. Same goes for bugs, btw.

(I have problems with reddit as much as anyone but they are good at a few niche services :)
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