What's a really good Twitter list to follow live during the debate?
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I follow very few pundits or specifically political people on Twitter, but just saw Bill Maher on YouTube saying he's going to livetweet the debates. It really made me wish I had stocked a list of the best people to follow for fun, incisive, weird, good live commentary on the debate. But, now I don't have time for that. What public list(s) should I subscribe to?
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I like MSNBC's Chris Hayes (chrislhayes)
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Charlie Pierce (@esqpolitics)
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Ed O'Keefe (@edatpost) tweets in English but often provides good perspective into Latino views. (Not so visible in his timeline right now, but definitely was there during past debates and I expect it again tonight.)
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I'm guessing comedian Patton Oswalt will be live-tweeting the debate.
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Slate usually has an "Instant Spin Room" that features an embedded auto refreshing thingymabobber of quality-curated twitter feeds from high-profile pundits from the left and the right -- set up streaming side by side. I love it, although I'm clearly inept at describing what it actually is.
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What I do is search for the most-used hashtag -- it won't be hard to find. If you type #debates or something like that, some choices will pop up. I'm going to be watching that. I've done it in previous debates. I end up going back and forth between "Top" and "Live" (which are tabs at the top of the column).

The great thing about following the hashtag is that you get to see what people all across the spectrum are thinking rather than just people you agree with.

It's like watching the debate with America.

(It looks like the hashtags will be #debates and #debates2016.)
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@darth is hilarious; so is Josh Barro (@jbarro). David Frum and Andrew Coyne are also good. Vic Berger should have some good stuff tomorrow (@VicBergerIV).
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Sadly, @pmarca has gone offline, but he would be good to follow, too.
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Erin Gloria Ryan is very funny too.
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Sara Benincasa (previously on MeFi) has said she's live-tweeting, which could be comedically epic.
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Best answer: Here is my politics list. It's got voices from across the political spectrum, but weighted to the left and with print media writers. I've kept it updated during this cycle.
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